Thursday, January 3, 2013

The new conquistadors

A heated debate is currently sweeping through the political landscape in Norway. The subject of this frenzied verbal mass brawl is whether Norway has a unique culture or not, and as expected prominent individuals from the hard-left are frantically trying to silence their opponents by heavy handed use of ridicule, derision and bullying tactics. They are desperately trying to intimidate others into accepting their point of view which is that there is no such thing as a unique Norwegian culture and that what is commonly referred to as such is simply a mishmash of foreign ideas and imported traditions that Norwegians themselves never had any control over. To them Norway is simply a terra nullius populated by a people without roots, customs, history or anything else of any measurable value.  The fervour that they display in this endeavour is on par with that of the rabid communists of the baby boomer generation who aggressively proselytized about the superiority of communism in the late sixties and early seventies. And just like the baby boomers before them they are wilfully engaging in a game of divide and conquer in order to achieve their insidious political goals at any cost.

They have of course strong ideological reasons for promulgating such a political hypothesis and try to ram it down the throats of a gullible populace. They know very well that if they can trick the masses into accepting that Norway has no unique culture then they can aggressively argue that Norway cannot possibly be threatened or destroyed culturally by mass immigration. It stands to reason that if something doesn’t exist then it cannot possibly be destroyed. If they are successful in their odious endeavour and have their way Norwegian culture will be rendered obsolete and meaningless and Norway will simply cease to be Norway. The logical conclusions of their argument is that Norway could replace its entire population with Pakistani nationals and still continue to be Norway as there is no distinctive Norwegian culture. Of course most coherent people would see the irrationality and absurdity of such a statement.  

So why do the hard-left choose to convey views that are so easy to refute? 

They do it because they realize that if a message is repeated often enough it will eventually start to sink in regardless of its preposterous conclusions, and by highlighting the ‘inhumane’ and ‘despicable’ nature of their opponents arguments and views they send out a clear and unambiguous signal that people should stay away from ‘the unpalatable’ or else pay the consequences. Their goal is to instil fear and that’s why they rely so heavily on bullying tactics. They want to control people by intimidation and fear plain and simple.  This modus operandi is of course not only limited to the question of the ‘elusive’ Norwegian culture it’s also used on issues such as immigration, homosexuality, gun control and pretty much any other leftwing social issues one can care to think of. They simply cannot accept a free, civilised and unbiased exchange of opinions because in such a scenario their views would quickly be picked apart and squashed under the heel of logic and rationality.

They also rely heavily on ‘benevolent’ and passive aggressive argumentation in order to win over the uninformed and the young.  They question the motives of anyone who has the nerve to exalt Norwegian values and are quick to point out that such ‘racist’ drivel only creates an unhealthy ‘us versus them mentality’ which breeds conflicts that will further alienate the immigrant population and galvanize differences and animosity rather than alleviate them. Strangely enough the hard-left are quick to lecture others in a condescending manner that the immense and insurmountable problems associated with third world mass immigration will sort itself when the immigrants get a chance by the ‘racist’ Norwegians to integrate, which most people of course would interpret as a willingness to adopt to our culture and way of life. ...

Most people however realize that cultures exist and that they are relatively easy to define. To put it bluntly, a culture is the collective sum of customs, traditions and values that characterises a specific national or ethnic group. The easiest way to describe the essence of a particular culture is to compare it with other cultures. The differences found can then be promoted as the uniqueness or individuality of the culture in question.

The coexistence of different cultures doesn’t necessarily mean that they will amalgamate and give birth to a new super culture. There are numerous examples around the world that would contradict such a claim. The aboriginals in Australia are still hanging on to their culture after almost 250 years of white rule and many aboriginals are to this day very reluctant to immerse themselves in Anglo-Saxon mainstream culture. Same thing goes with the US and Canada and their indigenous populations. Even the Sami people in Norway have fiercely held on to their traditions, customs and language a fact that the Norwegian authorities recognize along with the majority of the leftwing agitators who fervently deny the existence of their own culture.

 Unfortunately this is a point that seems lost upon them, or more likely they chose to ignore it as they see it as a means to an end, which is the ultimate and total destruction of their own culture and nation.