Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Social democratic totalitarianism

The latest school shooting in the USA is just another link in the long chain of episodes that the left is ruthlessly exploiting for its own pernicious politically purposes. The message that the left is trying to sell is that anyone who support liberal gun laws or who wants to see the second amendment of the US constitution upheld are somehow morally accountable for the killing of 27 innocent individuals, mostly children, in Newtown, Connecticut.This is of course an absurd allegation to make. It’s also a very distasteful one at that, but that doesn’t deter the left who is trying to convince us that anybody who opposes stricter gun legislation is evil and should be ashamed of themselves.

This moral outrage isn’t exclusively limited to supporters of liberal gun legislation. It is also applied to anyone who dares to oppose the many other selected pet causes of the left such as gay marriage, Islam and multiculturalism. If someone dares to express even the slightest doubt about the wisdom of allowing gays to marry then they are automatically branded as homophobic. The same applies to those who express concern about multiculturalism. They are also quickly labelled, in those instances as despicable racists, bigots and so forth. The reason they have all these vile epithets hurled at them is because the left are suffering from a political tantrum syndrome which they feel give them the moral right to demonize people that don’t agree with them.  It’s an infantile reaction coming from people that in many cases are still stuck mentally in the kindergarten sandbox.

We have now reached an era where ad hominem tactics are being used as a deliberate political strategy to silence political opponents. It has become so bad that espousing conservative political views is now considered to be the new taboo. Character assassination has been turned into a debating technique which aim is to pull into question the morality of any purveyor of views that haven’t been sanctioned by the left. This constant pressure to embrace and adopt certain views through the extensive use of intimidation has delivered a decisive blow to traditional western values and it has been a very effective tool in the psychological neutering process of the western male.

Needless to say it is therefore imperative to identify the tactics employed by the left and to have the necessary knowhow to deflect these tactics and throw them back in their faces. The best way is of course still the traditional way which is to methodically debunk their arguments by picking them apart one by one which is not that difficult to do as most of their ‘enlightened’ opinions are ideological drivel without any basis in reality. Counter arguments that are based on factual information cannot be refuted and when they are interspersed with a dose of good old dry sarcasm they tend to have a very powerful effect.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen is a typical Norwegian academic who has for the last couple of decades worked tirelessly to make sure that Norway doesn’t miss out on the ‘multiethnic dream’. He holds a high position within the tiny narrow-minded academic milieu in Norway and he is by many considered to be an important mentor for the left. Despite his slightly pompous and overbearing personality he was clearly shaken when an Iranian immigrant recently accused him in an newspaper op-ed of having ideologically provided ABB with enough ‘mental ammunition’ to commit the atrocities in Norway on July 22, 2011 by making the following statement:

‘Now it’s important to deconstruct the majority and do it so thoroughly so that it can never be referred to as a majority again’.

Following this verbal ‘broadside’ which the left leaning academia in Norway where up in arms about, Mr Eriksen petulantly stated that he didn’t feel like continuing with his research. Maybe it was uncalled for but one should keep in mind that Thomas Hylland Eriksen himself had no qualms about making similar accusations against people who were just as innocent as him in the time after the attacks.

What it all boils down to is that an offensive approach will always be the best form of defence. One should never give the left an inch when engaging them in debates; never give them a reason to believe that they have the upper hand mentally or ideologically. Nor should one feel guilty about having an independent and controversial opinion. So what if the people on the left don’t like it, is it their responsibility to determine what constitute correct political speech?

In my opinion no one has been more successful in exposing and countering the dirty tactics of the left than former leader of the progress party (FrP) in Norway, Carl I Hagen. He never held back and he always spoke his mind. He had an almost uncanny ability to make those TV journalists who clearly despised him and who constantly questioned him for his controversial political views look like ignorant and ill prepared little school children. I personally believe that Carl I Hagen and the FrP are one of the reasons why the intellectual climate in Norway today is so different to that of Sweden where it is unthinkable to publicly oppose or criticize multiculturalism. It is important to realize that the only way to topple political correctness and hopefully reign in the out of control horse which is multiculturalism, is to reject its unwritten rules, and that means not being afraid of speaking one’s mind whether the subject is gun control, gay marriages, Islam or multiculturalism.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Maybe it’s time to get up off the couch?

Also published at Gates of Vienna

It’s not really worth writing too much about yesterday’s anti-Islamic rally in Oslo organized by the NDL and SIOE. As predicted, the event only attracted around 40-50 individuals, most of them members of the two organizations. The rally could just as easily have been held at the headquarters of the NDL as a “members only” event.

Rune Hauge, the leader of the NDL, was correct when he stated in an interview earlier this year that Norwegians who are critical of Islam need to get up off the couch and become more actively involved in the fight against this evil ideology. It’s no good limiting oneself to writing indignant post and comments on the Internet. Sure, writing on the web has an impact, but at some point people need to get off their bums and actually start doing some constructive organizational work and make their voices heard, and demonstrating in a public area is a good start.

If ten thousand people had showed up at the event in Oslo on Saturday, and at similar events across the country in the future, the authorities and the MSM wouldn’t be able to simply brush them off any longer as ‘radical loons’ without public support. I’m pretty confident that there are hundreds of thousands of Norwegians who share the concerns of the NDL and SIOE, but they are reluctant to demonstrate and take part in these types of rallies. The threat of violence will always hang over such events as an invisible glove, and, yes, it could have negative repercussions for some people’s careers, but that’s just the way it is.

How do people expect to stop the spread of Islam in Norway in the future if they’re not even willing to stand up to this undemocratic ideology today? Norwegian politicians are most definitely not going to stop it; they are the ones who got us in this mess in the first place by opening the doors for it. Unfortunately, the responsibility for halting the tidal wave of Islam falls upon the people who oppose it. It is as simple as that, and subsequently those people who at a great personal cost are willing to stand up as an example for others to follow should be commended and praised. They certainly shouldn’t be ridiculed and mocked, especially not by other Norwegians who are equally critical of this ideology, but who limit themselves in venting their frustration about Islam online.

I had a look at yesterday and I was saddened to see the editor of the website, Hans Rustad, belittling and lecturing those who dare to stick their necks out and stand up for something they believe in. These are principles that should be applauded, not derided. It is especially sad because is one of the biggest Islam-critical websites in Norway, and people listen to Hans Rustad.

I’ve translated some of Rustad’s poisonous remarks below:

"When reading and watching NRK’s reports on the Norwegian Defense League and Stop The Islamisation of Europe, one is almost overcome by a claustrophobic anxiety. It is difficult to distinguish between NRK’s political grip and the activists’ simplicity. It takes two to tango."

"But the activists are playing the cards that they have been dealt as effectively as possible. To demonstrate in a public area, and one where there is a large immigrant population, is a hopeless undertaking. In theory, NDL leader Rune Hauge’s idea to show that Grønland is also part of Norway has some validity. But one cannot ignore the consequences: that it is going to provoke the residents of the area and that opposing forces will mobilize. And among those opposing forces are people who feel that they have every right to resort to violence."

"If the activists are serious about their commitment then they have to listen to the wishes of the people. People don’t accept confrontations provided that there is a specific issue that is of such importance that one simply can’t keep quiet about it. The fact that people failed to support them on Saturday in Grønland does not mean people don’t take these issues seriously. You don’t get people involved by scaring them away."

I would venture that Islam definitely qualifies as a ‘specific issue’ that has to be opposed in the most rigorous manner even if that includes the likelihood of getting physically attacked, because rest assured the rise of Islam in Norway will eventually result in violence and brutality, and it will be directed at those who are too cowardly to oppose it today, and their offspring. There’s no need to try to sugar-coat the inevitable.

Perhaps it would be a better idea, if and Hans Rustad are so concerned about the NDL/SIOE’s lack of oral skills and inadequacies in presenting views on national TV, to encourage people with those skills to join these organizations and not drive people away from them.

On previous occasions Hans Rustad has condescendingly described members of the EDL as unemployed hooligan thugs who are only interested in fighting and drinking. Is that also how he sees the people of the NDL and SIOE?

Are they not educated enough for him?

It would be even better if Rustad and the milieu around started organizing similar rallies across Oslo — and the rest of the country for that matter — on their own terms of course, and began getting the masses more involved in this fight. It’s no good criticising and belittling those who actually have taken the leap and who are willing to give it a go. Demonizing and ridiculing those who have the guts to stand up to Islam only proves that one is a useful idiot for the radical Left, who must be rubbing their hands in joy when they see the biggest Islam-critical website in Norway fronting their views in this particular matter.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sven Egil Omdal: The Norwegian media’s answer to Inspector Clouseau

Also published at Gates of Vienna

It is amazing to contemplate the viciousness and pure evil that the intellectual elites in Norway are capable of exhibiting whenever someone dares to step out of line and break the unwritten rules.

Even now, a year and a half after the worst terrorist attacks in Norwegian history, they still haven’t come to terms with the fact that the person who carried out the atrocities and carries the sole responsibility for it is locked up in a nice cosy Norwegian prison cell. That the terrorist has been tried and convicted is to them completely irrelevant; they still want Fjordman’s head on a platter, regardless of the fact the he is innocent and had absolutely nothing to with the terrorist attacks.

The righteous ones are determined to keep at it until they succeed, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. The vicious attacks have been unrelenting and the latest nasty hit piece which is just one of several dozens is penned by Sven Egil Omdal who is a journalist working for Stavanger Aftenblad. Yesterday Omdal wrote a particularly nasty one that is so thoroughly vile and filled with false accusations and hatred that it is even horrid by Norwegian standards — and that says a lot.

Omdal is virtually unknown outside of Norway, and that is probably one of the reasons that prompted him to carry out a virtual character assassination of Fjordman. Unlike Fjordman, who has managed to achieve international fame and recognition in a relative short period of time, Omdal has never managed to escape the tiny journalistic fishbowl which is the Norwegian media and make a name for himself abroad. Given Omdal’s huge ego, this must have been very hard for him to accept.

So let’s take a closer look at the journalist Sven Egil Omdal, the man who is working so hard to smear Fjordman and link him to the worst terrorist attacks on Norwegian soil in modern times…

For those who don’t know, Sven Egil Omdal is the Norwegian media’s answer to Inspector Clouseau. He’s a pompous little so-and-so who sees himself as the Sherlock Holmes of the journalistic world and believes that everything that comes out of his mouth is pure unadulterated nuggets of wisdom. And, like most people with a super-inflated ego, he doesn’t like to be corrected or criticized, so it must have been unbearable for him when Fjordman exposed him as the self-important impostor that he really is, in an article at FrontPage Mag a couple of months ago. In fact, I’m confident that that particular article is the main reason for Omdal’s latest hit piece. For Svein Egil Omdal, it’s payback time, and it’s personal.

Omdal’s self-image must have taken a big hit when Fjordman exposed him as an intellectual lightweight on an international news site written in English for the entire world to see. It must have hurt pretty badly, because Omdal practically broke every single rules of the Norwegian media code of ethics when he wrote the nasty article about Fjordman — which is hard to believe, considering that Omdal was actually tasked with overseeing and enforcing these ethics only a few years ago. The recent release of a new book on the European extreme right which included a chapter about Fjordman was all that Omdal needed to get his revenge, and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Given Omdal’s overbearing animosity towards Fjordman, this may sound strange, but I suspect that Omdal secretly wishes that he was the Norwegian Left’s version of Fjordman, and that he was able to gain the recognition that comes with such a status.

I believe that Omdal dreams about being asked to write witty guest-essays for Huffington Post and receiving invitations to appear on the John Stewart Show and bask in his own self importance. But, unfortunately for Omdal, he simply hasn’t got the talent and is thus limited to writing for a regional newspaper with a very limited readership based in a tiny little Norwegian provincial city. Most of the locals who read his pretentious op-eds and editorial — which I’m sure he has spent many a night fine polishing until they are exactly right — simply think he’s a sorry nobody with an inflated ego. I haven’t encountered a single op-ed written by him for Aftenbladet where at least half of the comments haven’t been scornful, derisive and of a mocking nature. I actually posted a lengthy sarcastic comment on a piece where he sulked over the Osama assassination. My comment was initially published, but when I logged on the following day all comments had been removed. I suppose Svein Egil didn’t like the feedback he was receiving.

Another one of Omdal’s problems, and this is a major one, is that he honestly believes that he is morally superior and smarter than the people around him. Maybe that’s why he decided to write an op-ed in Aftenbladet in 2007 in which he suggested that the Norwegian authorities might want to look more closely into who was behind the 9/11 attacks in NYC. As Omdal so shrewdly concluded at the end of his op-ed: what if Bush was behind the attacks and not Osama bin Laden?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Omdal secretly believes that 9/11 was an inside job. He became very upset when US Navy Seals eliminated Bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011. This prompted Omdal to write an editorial in which he accused the US of engaging in criminal activities by not bringing the ‘virtuous’ Bin Laden back to the US to stand trial. Omdal’s message to the US was that even a man like bin Laden has human rights.

And that’s the way the brain of Sven Egil Omdal — the Norwegian media’s answer to Inspector Clouseau — works. In his world anything that can be construed as support for the right to defend oneself becomes ‘incitement to violence’. The repatriation of Muslims who are unwilling to embrace Western values becomes ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘holocaust’ all rolled into to one. Strangely enough, Omdal labels those Norwegians who are being displaced and ethnically cleansed by non-Western immigrants from certain urban neighbourhoods and dare to say so as ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’, but at the same time he praises those that are responsible for this displacement, which of course is Inspector Clouseau logic — or Sven Egil Omdal logic, if you prefer.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vidar Enebakk, science historian or modern-day Torquemada?

Also published on Gates of Vienna
Following the tragic events of July 22 last year, many conservatives in Norway have been subjected to a Norwegian version of the Spanish inquisition in which prominent public figures from the political and cultural establishments have been allowed to pontificate and condemn those that they perceive to be in cahoots with the mentally deranged terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

The inquisition has been a long, dirty drawn-out public affair on which accusations have been made with a fiendish fervour. For those on the receiving end, it must have be an absolute nightmare, especially when considering the viciousness and poorly disguised hatred that seem to fuel some of the accusers. These modern-day inquisitors have many names, and there are probably many reasons why they have decided to take on the role of judge, jury and executioner, but in this article I will only focus on one of these agents of orthodoxy, as ultimately they are really one and the same and speaking with a collective voice. Their arguments and accusations all seem to have been taken from the same poorly written manuscript.

Vidar Enebakk is one of these inquisitors. He is a 41-year-old science historian who has worked tirelessly trying to convince a traumatized nation that the essayist and author Fjordman shares a moral responsibility for the murders of 77 innocent people carried out in Oslo and on Utøya on July 22, 2011. One would expect that Enebakk — who has been trying to implicate Fjordman in these grizzly deeds for sixteen months now by writing a staggering 144 lengthy comments on a major Norwegian online discussion forum and co-authoring a book in which he puts the moral blame on Fjordman for the worst-ever terror attacks on Norwegian soil — would have solid evidence to back up his pernicious allegations, and in particular given that we know Enebakk himself is a scientist. But unfortunately for Enebakk, his accusations are just empty shells.

The problem with Enebakk’s personal crusade against Fjordman is that the evidence he uses simply doesn’t support his allegations. What Enebakk is doing, and I am going to use a Norwegian phrase here, is trying to make soup out of carpentry nails. Enebakk and all the other Norwegian and international inquisitors are acutely aware that Fjordman was acquitted of any wrongdoing by the Norwegian courts and the Norwegian police pretty much from the get-go. Enebakk realizes that he therefore can’t accuse Fjordman of being an actual accomplice in the attacks, but he has solved this tricky conundrum by instead accusing Fjordman of being morally responsible for the attacks. It’s a way for him and others to circumvent and ignore the fact that Fjordman had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks or the terrorist, and still enable him and others to keep attacking Fjordman without having to prove any tangible connections between the two. Enebakk and his allies want to convict Fjordman without having to worry about such pesky things as due process and proper evidence.

There is of course no such term as moral guilt in modern jurisprudence. In a court of law a defendant is either guilty or not guilty, meaning that the law cannot allow that a person be acquitted in a criminal court case because of lack of evidence, and then receive a conviction of moral responsibility for the same crime.

If someone is acquitted in a court of law of, say, rape, then that person can legally sue anyone who in the lead-up to and after the court case has publicly stated that the accused is a rapist. That is law at its most basic level, and it should be pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, however, this message seems to have eluded Enebakk and his cohorts, as this is exactly the type of activities that they are engaging in.

I’m surprised that a scientist like Enebakk doesn’t seem capable of grasping this simple fact, but maybe deep-down he does. Enebakk should be aware that he could easily be sued for defamation and slander based on the hundreds of incriminating and highly offensive statements he has published about Fjordman — and that goes for everyone else that has slandered Fjordman online and in the press.

So we have established that there is no such thing as moral guilt in modern law, although I’m sure it’s a term that Stalin would have appreciated very much. I’m also convinced that Vidar Enebakk would have had a brilliant career in the Soviet legal system if he had been around at the time. The logical fallacy of Enebakk’s philosophy is that a person cannot be innocent and guilty at the same time. But I can see that this is a possibility in Enebakk’s own universe; he seems to operate with a completely different set of rules than the rest of us.

Vidar Enebakk is like a rabid dog chasing a bone. He just will not stop or slow down. He’s running on autopilot. He has his victim locked in his sights, and he can smell blood.

Furthermore, I maintain that Enebakk is a nasty character. How else would one describe a person who has no moral qualms about accusing an innocent individual of being complicit in the most heinous criminal act committed in Norway in modern history? What type of person would claim that: “Hey, I’m not saying that you participated in the crime; I’m merely saying that in moral terms you are guilty of killing 77 young people who were butchered in the most horrific manner possible on an island that they had no opportunity of escaping from — but no hard feelings, eh?”

To claim that someone who has been proven by the courts to be innocent, who hasn’t done anything to aid and abet the perpetrator in the initial planning stage nor on the actual day of the attack, was somehow with the deranged perpetrator in spirit when the perpetrator fired his bullets into the heads and hearts of his young victims and watched them die by the dozens on the shoreline of Utøya, is absolutely disgusting and sickening. I cannot understand how such a person can bear to look at himself in the mirror. Only a truly twisted and vicious person would accuse someone else of such a horrible thing.

In his defence I would have to say that I don’t believe that Enebakk has thoroughly grasped the gruesome logic of his accusations. But if I’m incorrect in my assumption, and he actually does know what he’s doing, then there is definitely something wrong inside his head. Has Enebakk ever thought about how it affects a person to be accused of having contributed to the taking of 77 lives? Most people would go to great lengths just to clear their name for some minor infraction such as shoplifting if they felt that they had been wrongfully accused. How does Enebakk think it feels like to be accused of killing 77 innocent people? What does he think it feels like for Fjordman’s family and close friends? Has Enebakk no mental boundaries whatsoever? Is he so mentally corrupt that he doesn’t have a single decent bone left in his body?

Let’s take a look at the arguments that Enebakk seem to think are so rock-solid that there can be absolutely no doubt about Fjordman’s moral guilt. Let’s examine the logic behind his accusations. Is it possible to discern the sharp logic behind the thought process that prompted the scientist to reach the conclusion that Fjordman is actively encouraging people to commit violence?

Enebakk’s main justifications for incriminating Fjordman are as follows:

“Both Fjordman and Breivik directly advocate arming the populations — Breivik by including the last of this quote by Fjordman in his compendium (Chapter 2.58):

“In Praise of the First and Second Amendments” (The Brussels Journal 20. July 2006):

“If their governments are no longer capable of protecting them and their freedom of speech, Europeans may have to arm themselves to do this on their own.”

“Civil War in Sweden?” (Gates of Vienna 2. July 2008):

“In general, if you live in any Western European country, you should arm yourself very soon, one way or the other.”

“Will Holland Survive the 21st Century” (Gates of Vienna 9. September 2009):

“My advice to Westerners in general is to arm themselves immediately, first of all mentally with knowledge of the enemy and pride in their own culture and heritage, but also physically with guns and the skills to use them.”

"It isn’t Fjordman’s criticism of Islam that is the problem, but rather his repeated calls for arming the population and to use violence. The problem is not that he is against Islam or favors deportation, but his rejection of our democratic system and the support of violence against political leaders."

As we can see from the above quotes, Enebakk bases his arguments on Fjordman’s defence of the Second Amendment of the American Constitution, which is an absolutely remarkable display of logic. I am also a supporter of the Second Amendment; does that mean that I’m also responsible for the Utøya massacre? It’s amazing that a scientist can justify his arguments on such preposterous and highly illogical basis.

Maintaining that people have a right to defend themselves doesn’t mean supporting the idea that people have the right to indiscriminately start killing innocent humans on a tiny Norwegian island. Being positive towards a principle doesn’t mean that one is an accomplice to a crime if someone decides to carry out a criminal act and then justify this act with a reference to said principle.

Suggesting that people should arm themselves in order to protect themselves if civil unrest breaks out isn’t advocating or condoning violence; it is common sense. It’s also an argument which is espoused by nations and armies all over the world. No one would in their right mind claim that supporting the idea of having a national army is the same as being a supporter of war — unless, of course, you’re using the same logic as Enebakk.

If Enebakk believes that Islamophobia is a despicable act, is he then ideologically responsibility for the murders of Islamophobes in the Muslim world?

Or what about vocal opponents of high taxes — are they guilty of ideologically influencing tax evaders?

Or what about pro-gun Americans, do they share moral responsibility for every single gun crime committed in America, solely on the basis of their opinions?

Enebakk has also stated that he believes that Fjordman is morally guilty because Breivik republished 45 of Fjordman’s essays in his manifesto:

Then I would suggest that in addition to Fjordman’s 45 republished essays in Breivik’s manifesto, that you take a look at page 1405 one more time. Here it is stated explicitly that Fjordman is Breivik’s favorite writer and that, according to Breivik, they both share the same view of the world, but that Breivik alone takes the leap from attitudes to actions: “Our views are quite similar with the exception that I’m an actual armed resistance fighter.”

Breivik’s mother pointed out the same thing in police interrogations: “Fjordman was number one for Anders.”

How do you then justify your claim that Fjordman simply hasn’t inspired Breivik? Who else in the manifest do you think inspired Breivik if Fjordman is as innocent as you suggest?

It’s amazing to see a scientist who so readily uses guilt by association in an attempt to booster his own arguments. What Enebakk is doing is implicating and accusing Fjordman based on something that Breivik has done and which Fjordman had no knowledge of. The “reasoning” behind such remarkable logic is equivalent of a modern day Kafkaesque process in which the defendant has no possible way of clearing his name, as all the normal principles of defence have been taken away from him.

Enebakk places a big responsibility on ytringsansvar, ‘decorum’, and accuses others of ideologically contributing to crimes by the mere utterance of words that have no relations to the crime, but then again Enebakk is also oblivious to the fact that if we apply his twisted logic, his own words also have consequences.

How would Enebakk feel if any harm ever came to Fjordman as a result of his personal crusade against him? Would he be willing to admit any guilt?

Many of the inquisitors in Norway have also made a big point about the terms “quisling” and “traitor” being used by Fjordman and others in the Counterjihad community to describe those responsible for the disastrous mess that the West is currently in. Many of them are so outraged by this that they jump to the conclusion that the traitors in question would be dealt with in the same swift manner that Breivik used when he killed all those youths on Utøya. But what they fail to realize is that Quisling and all the other traitors in Norway were tried in a court of law, and that they had their sentences meted out only after lawful convictions were reached. The same thing is true with the Nuremberg trials.

A nation is certainly entitles to rid itself of its traitors and tyrants. It’s considered a noble goal throughout the world, and it is something that Norway has recently helped Libya, Afghanistan and Egypt to achieve.

Are Norwegian authorities therefore morally responsible for the massacres in Norway? Well according to Enebakk’s brilliant logic, they are.