Sunday, March 25, 2012

The new thousand year Reich

What Hitler and the Nazis tried to achieve through the use of gas chambers and concentration camps Norwegian cultural Marxists are trying to accomplish through intimidation, propaganda and a tsunami of third world immigrants imported to Norway disguised as political asylum seekers. These new fascists don’t wear Nazi uniforms, but swanky suits. They have adopted a false altruistic persona and control the Norwegian department of propaganda also known as the independent Norwegian media. Their ultimate goal is to replace the traditional owners of Norway with a social engineered ‘master race’ made up of descendants from all four corners of the globe. The original Nazis called their breeding program lebensborn; the new Nazis in Norway call theirs the multicultural society which they hope will last for the next thousand years.

These cultural Marxists are engaging in genocide against their own people by deliberately working to wipe out an ethnic national group and in the process erase all traces of its culture. Normal people who aren’t afflicted with mental leprosy are filled with love when they see their offspring, the cultural Marxists only feel hatred and disgust when they see young white ethnic Norwegian children, as to them these children represent an obstacle on the way to their deranged dream of a world without Norwegians. They facilitate the gang rape of young Norwegian girls, assaults on Norwegian children and the terrorizing of the ethnic Norwegian population, as these tactics serve an important purpose in the process of eradicating everything Norwegian.

For these cultural Marxists it makes perfect sense to engage in genocide against Norwegians as they don’t acknowledge that there is such a thing as a distinct Norwegian culture and a Norwegian ethnic group. For them everything in Norway is a result of outside influences. The hatred for their own country is so intense that they even won’t acknowledge the existence of its indigenous people; even the Nazi weren’t that extreme.  Ten thousand years of history and national identity is set to end up on the rubbish tip of history if they get their way.

They exhibit clear traits of psychopathic behaviour in the way which they ruthlessly intimidate, ridicule and crush dissidents, akin to the way Stalin crushed dissidents in the Moscow processes. For these cultural Marxists it’s not enough to get people to forget their roots and heritage, they want people to actively despise their heritage and learn that it’s completely unacceptable to celebrate anything associated with it.

The victims of this venomous campaign of nullifying history are past, present and future generations of Norwegians. The historical revisionism is well underway and the eradication process has been very successful so far. They start the mental indoctrination at an early age so they can easily mould the minds of the young and impressionable. Awareness campaigns to instil proper dosages of white guilt are heavily relied upon. Any critical remarks about the new world order are prosecuted under the pretext of being racial discrimination, the true purpose of the law however is to prevent anyone from criticizing the path staked out by the multicultural fascists.

In the words of professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen;

“The most important challenge now is to deconstruct the majority population and to be so thorough that it can never be referred to as the majority population again”

In Norway these days it’s more taboo to profess love for Norway and Norwegian culture than it is to be openly anti-Semitic. It’s more taboo to love your own country than it is to publicly express hatred for a people that the Nazis actually tried to exterminate. That’s how sick the Norwegian society is at the moment.

The so called Norwegian Anti-Racist Centre have even attempted to document alleged incidents of anti-immigration sentiments and behaviour in the immediate aftermath of the 22/7 attacks in Oslo before it became apparent that it was a Norwegian who carried out the attacks. The idea behind the project is supposed to show how evil and racist ethnic Norwegians are. The anti-racists are so determined in stopping any attempts of Norwegian assertiveness that they can’t even tolerate the tiniest outpouring of spontaneous frustration and angst when a terrorist, which everyone assumed was a Muslim, blew up a building in downtown Oslo killing several people and seriously injuring others. That’s how bad it is in Norway these days and it’s going to get a lot worse. And it’s all thanks to psychopathic Marxists fascists. And the really sad thing is that similar genocides are taking place all over the western world.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lies, political correctness and the SSB

Also published at Gates of Vienna

The report

I’ve decided to write this article as a response to a recent report published by the Norwegian bureau of Statistics (SSB) in which they present different population scenarios for Norway for the period 2011-2040. In the report three possible estimates are presented, a low estimate, a middle estimate, and a high estimate. The middle estimate, which SSB consider the most accurate, predicts that the immigrant population in Oslo will rise from 170,000 in 2012 to 387,000 by 2040 which will amount to 50 percent of the total population of the city. For the country as a whole the SSB estimates that the immigrant population will rise from 600,000 in 2012 to 1.5 million by 2040 which according to the report will amount to 24 percent of the overall population.

In the report
, the term immigrant refers to persons born abroad and children born to immigrant parents, but not children with one immigrant parent and one Norwegian born parent. From the information presented in the report we can deduce that the total population of Norway will rise from 5 million (March 2012) to 6,250,000 in 2040. (1,500,000 * 100 / 24 = 6,250,000). The report also concludes that approximately 70 percent of the immigrant population in 2040 will have a non-EU background.

Like many other Norwegians, I don’t trust the SSB. I believe that it is a heavily politicized organization which acts as a branch of the political elites in Norway. This distrust is not unfounded, as the SSB on numerous occasions have proven to be incorrect in their predictions concerning immigration by presenting estimates that were too low. It therefore goes without saying that I have serious doubts about the accuracy of this report which I intend to examine more closely in the rest of this article. But before I press, I should mention that I’m not a statistician, nor am I a mathematician, which means that I can’t guarantee the numbers I’m about to present are a hundred percent accurate. I would also like to add that I don’t have access to the raw data that the SSB used to compile their report.


My primary concern with the report is the methods of classification that were employed. For instance, the author has chosen — or probably more likely, been instructed by the leadership of the SBB — to identify immigrants as persons born abroad and persons born in Norway to two immigrant parents. Everyone else is classified as Norwegians. This is the biggest flaw in the report, and it’s a monumental one as it paints an incorrect picture of the size of the indigenous ethnic Norwegian population and the immigrant population, which should be the main goal of the report. The result of using such parameters is that a person born in Norway to two Pakistani parents is classified as an immigrant, but if this person marries a Pakistani and brings this person back to Norway their children will be classified as Norwegians. I believe that most ethnic Norwegians would chose slightly different parameters for determining who is a Norwegian.

The most obvious way to identify a Norwegian is by ethnicity. Norway has until recently exclusively been inhabited by Caucasians of Germanic stock, which is a white ethnic group. It is wrong to set this historic fact aside just because it is politically expedient to do so. Another important criterion is of course the cultural heritage of Norway. Many of those classified as Norwegians in this report have a completely different cultural heritage and many of them are in fact hostile to traditional Norwegian core values. A result of SSB’s rather imaginative way of classifying individuals is that people who have recently relocated to Norway from cultures that are completely alien to the majority Norwegian population, and who belong to completely different racial groups are considered to be just as Norwegian as the descendants of those whose ancestors have lived in Norway for the last 10,000 years. It may be the politically correct thing to do, but morally it’s incorrect, as it ignores the fact that there actually exists a unique Norwegian culture and a unique Norwegian ethnic group.

The main problem

And this leads us directly to the main problem with this report. The author foresees the immigrant population reaching 50 percent in Oslo by 2040, and for the country as a whole 24 percent. But in my opinion this raises more questions than it answers, because the report doesn’t give us a very clear picture of the cultural and ethnic composition of Norway anno 2040. We know from the report that there will be at least — provided that the report is accurate — 1,050,000 individuals with a non-EU cultural background residing in Norway in 2040 (1,500,000 * 70/100 = 1,050,000). But the actual number is going to be much higher, because of the way immigrants and descendants of immigrants are classified. There will be a large proportion of individuals with a non-Norwegian cultural and ethnic background classified as Norwegians, and thus the projections for Oslo and Norway become rather meaningless, as they don’t really tell us anything about the actual future demographic scenario for the country.

And demographics are important, regardless of what the authorities think. The demographic composition of the city of Oslo plays an integral part in where ethnic Norwegians choose to live, which schools they choose to send their children to, the price of real estate and quality of life. The eastern parts of Oslo have seen a massive exodus of ethnic Norwegians and an equally massive influx of non-Western immigrants. This process is going to pick up speed as the immigrant population rises.

There is also a financial aspect attached to the demographic transformation as non-Western immigrants rely more heavily on welfare payments, and are unfortunately over-represented in crime statistics.

Ethnic Norwegian population

The report also predicts that Norwegians will comprise 76 percent of the total population in Norway in 2040. This amounts to 4,750,000 individuals (6,250,000 * 0.76 = 4,750,000). The impression given here is that ethnic Norwegians will still constitute a solid majority in 2040 considering that they will make up 75 percent of the total population. The problem here is that this figure doesn’t solely encompass 4,750,000 ethnic Norwegians. The real number is going to be a lot more modest, which brings us to the most important section of this article.

I will now attempt to estimate the future number of ethnic Norwegians, given current immigration policies, birth rates and assuming that the political situation remains unchanged. Before I start running through the numbers I would also like to add that the SSB published a report in February 2012 in which they predicted that the population of Norway would pass the six million mark in 2025. I will base my calculations on this figure.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I’m not a statistician, nor do I have all the available raw data that the SSB had when they made their predictions. But fortunately there are relevant data available that enables us to make a fairly accurate prediction about the future of the ethnic Norwegian population provided, of course, that the current trends remain the same. The numbers that I’m relying on to make my calculations are the total Norwegian population for 1975 which was 4,000,000 (included 50,000-60,000 immigrants) and the birth rates of all women living in Norway from 1976 to 2011.

The data show us that up until 1975 the birth rates in Norway were above 2.1, which were essential in order to maintain population numbers. From 1976 and onwards the birth rates in Norway dropped below 2.1 and became negative, meaning that current population numbers couldn’t be maintained. The data also show us that the average birth rate for women (immigrants included) in Norway between 1976 and 2011 was 1.85.

By extrapolating the data we’re able to fairly accurately predict the size of the ethnic Norwegian population in the coming generations. Other factors will of course also affect the equation, such as delayed demographic reactions, an increase in life expectancy and the percentage of girls born vs. boys, etc., but we’re not going to include those factors here.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that the birth rates for ethnic Norwegian women are lower than 1.85, as non-Western women living in Norway are driving up the rate by giving birth to more children than the national average. Even so I’ll use 1.85, which means that my predictions are going to be very conservative.

Birth rates and descendants

1.00 = 500 descendants per 500 men/500 women
1.20 = 600 descendants per 500 men/500 women
1.40 = 700 descendants per 500 men/500 women
1.60 = 800 descendants per 500 men/500 women
1.80 = 900 descendants per 500 men/500 women
1.85 = 925 descendants per 500 men/500 women
1.90 = 950 descendants per 500 men/500 women
2.00 = 1000 descendants per 500 men/500 women

Ethnic Norwegian population for the next four generations based on a birth rate of 1.85, a population of 4,000,000 and a generational factor of 25 years

1.85 per 1,000,000 = 925,000 * 4.000000 = 3,700,000 (in 2000)
1.85 per 1,000,000 = 925,000 * 3.700000 = 3,422,500 (in 2025)
1.85 per 1,000,000 = 925,000 * 3.422550 = 3,165,812 (in 2050)
1.85 per 1,000,000 = 925,000 * 3.165812 = 2,928,376 (in 2075)

By using the two most important variables when determining the size of the Norwegian ethnic population, namely birth rates and total population at a specific date and use this as the basis for our predictions we find that the Norwegian ethnic population is declining rapidly. I’m not claiming that the numbers I have come up with are a 100% scientifically correct, as there are numerous other factors that need to be considered when determining exact numbers, but it gives us a pretty accurate picture of the approximate population.

One of the most striking discoveries we make when we extrapolate documented birth rates over the last 25 years and compare those with the recently published SSB report is that there is a huge disparity in the actual number of ethnic Norwegians and the number of individuals that the SSB has chosen to classify as Norwegians. The SSB predicts that there will be 4,750,000 Norwegians by 2040, but by using a mathematical approach we see that the more plausible number is likely to be somewhere between 3.4 and 3.2 million. That is a disparity of more than 1 million, and it is quite alarming. At the same time there is also a huge disparity in the reported number of immigrants predicted to live in Norway in 2040 and the accurate numbers. The report claims that the figure is likely to be 1,500,000, but when we do our calculations we discover that the number is closer to 3,000,000, which is an error margin of 100 percent. Also remember that my calculations are conservative, as I have used a very high birth rate for ethnic Norwegians.

I find it hard to believe that the SSB and the authorities are unaware of this gross inconsistency between the reality and the bogus assertions made in these projections. My guess is that they have deliberately conspired to muddy the waters in an attempt to try and pacify the majority ethnic Norwegian population and to convince them that there simply are no grounds to claim that Norwegians are going to end up as a minority in their own country in the immediate future. But as I have shown in this article, the opposite is true. Ethnic Norwegians will become a minority in their own country somewhere in the next couple of decades if proper and decisive political steps aren’t taken.

Based on the above, I think it is very dishonest and on the border of criminality of the SSB and the political elites in Norway to deliberately try and pull the wool over the eyes of their compatriots on this very important issue.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that I haven’t included factors such as emigration, which will play an important part in the future. It is highly likely that emigration is going to increase for those who have the required skills and financial means to seek greener pastures elsewhere as the reduced quality of life and ethnic and cultural differences become more noticeable in Norway. This factor will speed up the decline of the ethnic Norwegian populations even further.

The report by the SSB should be exposed for what it is, namely a tool for the ruling political elites in Norway to continue their current anti-Norwegian policies, which amounts to a deliberate cultural and ethnic genocide. Even today the tensions are simmering just below the surface. What will happen thirty years from now if the authorities keep insisting on pursuing their multicultural dream is a thought that I would rather not entertain.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Euro-made global tyranny

The most pressing problem facing the world today isn’t global warming, nor is it the financial crisis or the rapidly aging population of Europe. The most urgent problem we are confronted with today is the ideological and demographic transformation that is taking place in the western world. I like to refer to it as a ‘euro-made global tyranny’ as it is the cultural and political elites in Europe that have created an environment where the ideological rape of western values and the demographic assault in the form of non-western immigration can take place with impunity. Over the years a lot of focus has been placed on how the elites have managed to pull off this formidable task, unfortunately similar attention hasn’t been focused on how we can slow down this process, or even better, reverse it.

There are those who insist that nothing can be done to stem the enormous tide of poisonous ideas and the illegal mass dumping of third world population surpluses in the west. And even though I realise that it is almost impossible for ordinary people to influence the political elites, all hope isn’t lost. There are specific measures that ordinary people can take to weaken the grip of the euro-Stalinists which have ceased control in Europe. The most obvious one is trough the ballot box. I don’t buy into the idea that all political parties are the same and that it somehow doesn’t matter who we vote for. I accept that the ideological differences between the established political parties are almost non-existent; at least this is the case for Europe, but there are smaller political parties out there that have a genuine desire to undo what has been forced upon us by the euro-Stalinists.

In order to prove this point we need to take a closer look at two neighbouring countries in the northern part of Europe.

The languages spoken in these two countries are closely related to each other and they are understood by citizens of both nations. The countries are also linked by the largest vehicle and railroad bridge in Europe, which makes travel between them a breeze. I’m mentioning this because it is important to understand that there is extensive contact between the citizens of the two nations and also to show that no major language or cultural barriers exists, which could otherwise help explain the different political paths the two nations have chosen. I am of course referring to Sweden and Denmark.

Multiculturalism has been warmly embraced by the political elites in Sweden and is today an ideology that is exempt criticism. It has even gone so far that it is now frowned upon to extol traditional Swedish ideas and express pride in Swedish heritage. One of the most prominent exponents of this anti-national ideology, Mona Sahlin (funnily enough often referred to as Mona Stalin) even went on record a few years ago and stated that Sweden has no tradition and culture worth preserving. In the same breath she praised the cultures of the non-western immigrants that have taken up residence in her country.

The fact that Sweden is on a fast track to become a nation of ethnic ‘minorities’ is not addressed by the established political parties or deemed important enough to be debated in the left–wing MSM in the country. The reasons why this situation has been allowed to occur in Sweden is because the political hegemony of the left has never been properly challenged. Until recently there weren’t even any credible political parties with diverging views on immigration and multiculturalism in the country.

In Denmark the situation is completely different. The public discourse is rife with anti-immigration and anti-Islamic sentiments. The most prominent political anti-immigration party in Denmark, The Danish People’s Party has managed to introduce some of the toughest immigration and asylum laws in Europe, in stark contrast to Sweden which has some of the most liberal immigration laws in Europe, courtesy of the biggest political party, the Swedish Social Democratic Party. One of the things we can deduce from this information is that the Danish People’s Party and the Social Democratic Party of Sweden are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical scenario.
Imagine that all those Swedes that are opposed to the forced multiculturalism that the social democrats have rammed down their throats decide that in the next parliamentarian election they are going to vote for the Sweden Democrats, a political party which main objective is to significantly reduce immigration to Sweden. Let’s also assume that fifty percent of the overall Swedish population are opposed to the idea of the utopian multi-ethnic Sweden. If such a hypothetical scenario were to occur the political landscape in Sweden would undergo an ideological earthquake of an unprecedented magnitude within a single parliamentarian term.  It would herald a significant shift in official policies on matters concerning political asylum and immigration, which poses the biggest threat to the political stability of the country. This would of course be a dream scenario for anti-immigration proponents, and what is worth keeping in mind here is that it would be achieved solely through the tactical and sensible voting of anti-multiculturalists.

If this scenario were to be imitated throughout Europe, the political landscape would be unrecognisable within a few short years. It would have a huge impact on the political power balance and it would severely weaken the current policy of forced multiculturalism in Europe. And that is exactly why is it important for people to stop voting for established political parties, because nothing is going to change before people do. Voters in Europe have to start supporting political parties that are willing to curb immigration and refuse to give in to the undemocratic demands from Islam. I also believe that it would be very beneficial for all of us if the counter-jihad community along with other organized groups that reject multiculturalism started focusing more on this issue. The message really needs to be driven home until it sticks.

A vote for any of the established political parties is a vote for multiculturalism.

And I don’t believe that it’s unreasonable to ask people who have had enough of the multi-ethnic society to vote for political parties that completely and utterly reject the idea of multiculturalism. It’s time for people to start taking some responsibility and do the right thing. As I’ve mentioned earlier, multiculturalism is the biggest threat in Europe today. All the other problems we’re facing are of secondary importance. It doesn’t matter whether some established political parties have better financial solutions, or whether it is more beneficial in the short term for voters to choose an established party. None of it matters if it means the indigenous population is going to be replaced by immigrants at some stage in the future. And there are two things that need to be stressed here; and that is that there are short term and the long term consequences to any election. The short term benefits obtained by voting for established political parties don’t outweigh the long term negative consequences of doing so. People need to realise that the established pro-multicultural political parties in Europe are evil. They don’t have the best interest of the indigenous Europeans at heart, and they will eventually destroy Europe if the people let them.

Stalin and his henchmen sent political dissidents to the infamous gulags in Siberia to tighten their political iron grip on society during the communist era.  The euro-Stalinists of today are doing the same thing but instead of sending people off to gulag-like penal colonies they are importing millions of illiterates and vile religious fanatics from the third world which creates similar results. It’s a tactic of divide and conquer. They are dividing the indigenous population into two camps and at the same time strengthening their hold on society. Their goals are identical to that of Stalin, to create an atmosphere of fear through political intimidation. These modern Stalins don’t go as far as the old one did when it comes to punishing political dissidents, the euro-Stalinists will settle for massive ridicule campaigns, the loss of profession and career, and in the most severe cases court proceedings and subsequent prison time for those who dare to criticise them, but that could of course change in the future.

Some will probably argue that it is unfair to compare today’s political elites with a mass murderer and fascist like Stalin. I disagree. The outcome of the euro-Stalinist’s policies is on par with that of the old mass psychopathic murderer, as it will result in a massive genocide of the indigenous European ethnic groups and an ideological rape of our culture. The consequence of this deliberate genocide is tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions of indigenous Europeans that will never be born. We can even now see the emerging consequences as the clocks are gradually being rewound to year zero, and the history of Europe is slowly deleted and re-written to accommodate uncivilized third worlders and Islamic conquerors.