Friday, March 2, 2012

Euro-made global tyranny

The most pressing problem facing the world today isn’t global warming, nor is it the financial crisis or the rapidly aging population of Europe. The most urgent problem we are confronted with today is the ideological and demographic transformation that is taking place in the western world. I like to refer to it as a ‘euro-made global tyranny’ as it is the cultural and political elites in Europe that have created an environment where the ideological rape of western values and the demographic assault in the form of non-western immigration can take place with impunity. Over the years a lot of focus has been placed on how the elites have managed to pull off this formidable task, unfortunately similar attention hasn’t been focused on how we can slow down this process, or even better, reverse it.

There are those who insist that nothing can be done to stem the enormous tide of poisonous ideas and the illegal mass dumping of third world population surpluses in the west. And even though I realise that it is almost impossible for ordinary people to influence the political elites, all hope isn’t lost. There are specific measures that ordinary people can take to weaken the grip of the euro-Stalinists which have ceased control in Europe. The most obvious one is trough the ballot box. I don’t buy into the idea that all political parties are the same and that it somehow doesn’t matter who we vote for. I accept that the ideological differences between the established political parties are almost non-existent; at least this is the case for Europe, but there are smaller political parties out there that have a genuine desire to undo what has been forced upon us by the euro-Stalinists.

In order to prove this point we need to take a closer look at two neighbouring countries in the northern part of Europe.

The languages spoken in these two countries are closely related to each other and they are understood by citizens of both nations. The countries are also linked by the largest vehicle and railroad bridge in Europe, which makes travel between them a breeze. I’m mentioning this because it is important to understand that there is extensive contact between the citizens of the two nations and also to show that no major language or cultural barriers exists, which could otherwise help explain the different political paths the two nations have chosen. I am of course referring to Sweden and Denmark.

Multiculturalism has been warmly embraced by the political elites in Sweden and is today an ideology that is exempt criticism. It has even gone so far that it is now frowned upon to extol traditional Swedish ideas and express pride in Swedish heritage. One of the most prominent exponents of this anti-national ideology, Mona Sahlin (funnily enough often referred to as Mona Stalin) even went on record a few years ago and stated that Sweden has no tradition and culture worth preserving. In the same breath she praised the cultures of the non-western immigrants that have taken up residence in her country.

The fact that Sweden is on a fast track to become a nation of ethnic ‘minorities’ is not addressed by the established political parties or deemed important enough to be debated in the left–wing MSM in the country. The reasons why this situation has been allowed to occur in Sweden is because the political hegemony of the left has never been properly challenged. Until recently there weren’t even any credible political parties with diverging views on immigration and multiculturalism in the country.

In Denmark the situation is completely different. The public discourse is rife with anti-immigration and anti-Islamic sentiments. The most prominent political anti-immigration party in Denmark, The Danish People’s Party has managed to introduce some of the toughest immigration and asylum laws in Europe, in stark contrast to Sweden which has some of the most liberal immigration laws in Europe, courtesy of the biggest political party, the Swedish Social Democratic Party. One of the things we can deduce from this information is that the Danish People’s Party and the Social Democratic Party of Sweden are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical scenario.
Imagine that all those Swedes that are opposed to the forced multiculturalism that the social democrats have rammed down their throats decide that in the next parliamentarian election they are going to vote for the Sweden Democrats, a political party which main objective is to significantly reduce immigration to Sweden. Let’s also assume that fifty percent of the overall Swedish population are opposed to the idea of the utopian multi-ethnic Sweden. If such a hypothetical scenario were to occur the political landscape in Sweden would undergo an ideological earthquake of an unprecedented magnitude within a single parliamentarian term.  It would herald a significant shift in official policies on matters concerning political asylum and immigration, which poses the biggest threat to the political stability of the country. This would of course be a dream scenario for anti-immigration proponents, and what is worth keeping in mind here is that it would be achieved solely through the tactical and sensible voting of anti-multiculturalists.

If this scenario were to be imitated throughout Europe, the political landscape would be unrecognisable within a few short years. It would have a huge impact on the political power balance and it would severely weaken the current policy of forced multiculturalism in Europe. And that is exactly why is it important for people to stop voting for established political parties, because nothing is going to change before people do. Voters in Europe have to start supporting political parties that are willing to curb immigration and refuse to give in to the undemocratic demands from Islam. I also believe that it would be very beneficial for all of us if the counter-jihad community along with other organized groups that reject multiculturalism started focusing more on this issue. The message really needs to be driven home until it sticks.

A vote for any of the established political parties is a vote for multiculturalism.

And I don’t believe that it’s unreasonable to ask people who have had enough of the multi-ethnic society to vote for political parties that completely and utterly reject the idea of multiculturalism. It’s time for people to start taking some responsibility and do the right thing. As I’ve mentioned earlier, multiculturalism is the biggest threat in Europe today. All the other problems we’re facing are of secondary importance. It doesn’t matter whether some established political parties have better financial solutions, or whether it is more beneficial in the short term for voters to choose an established party. None of it matters if it means the indigenous population is going to be replaced by immigrants at some stage in the future. And there are two things that need to be stressed here; and that is that there are short term and the long term consequences to any election. The short term benefits obtained by voting for established political parties don’t outweigh the long term negative consequences of doing so. People need to realise that the established pro-multicultural political parties in Europe are evil. They don’t have the best interest of the indigenous Europeans at heart, and they will eventually destroy Europe if the people let them.

Stalin and his henchmen sent political dissidents to the infamous gulags in Siberia to tighten their political iron grip on society during the communist era.  The euro-Stalinists of today are doing the same thing but instead of sending people off to gulag-like penal colonies they are importing millions of illiterates and vile religious fanatics from the third world which creates similar results. It’s a tactic of divide and conquer. They are dividing the indigenous population into two camps and at the same time strengthening their hold on society. Their goals are identical to that of Stalin, to create an atmosphere of fear through political intimidation. These modern Stalins don’t go as far as the old one did when it comes to punishing political dissidents, the euro-Stalinists will settle for massive ridicule campaigns, the loss of profession and career, and in the most severe cases court proceedings and subsequent prison time for those who dare to criticise them, but that could of course change in the future.

Some will probably argue that it is unfair to compare today’s political elites with a mass murderer and fascist like Stalin. I disagree. The outcome of the euro-Stalinist’s policies is on par with that of the old mass psychopathic murderer, as it will result in a massive genocide of the indigenous European ethnic groups and an ideological rape of our culture. The consequence of this deliberate genocide is tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions of indigenous Europeans that will never be born. We can even now see the emerging consequences as the clocks are gradually being rewound to year zero, and the history of Europe is slowly deleted and re-written to accommodate uncivilized third worlders and Islamic conquerors.


  1. How do you suppose that a half of the swedes opposes multiculturalism? I think it's a very optimist scenario.



    1. You're right, I don't know. My scenario is hypothetical. However I do believe that many ethnic swedes are opposed to this ideology and if they all voted for the Sweden democrats it would have an impact on official Swedish immigration policies.

  2. I can understand (but i do NOT agree) their point of view just for a reason. They were youth during the nazi era, so they fear the birth of a new hitler in those days. So they try to erase and to ban the right-wing thinking with politically correctness and uncontrolled immigration.
    I DO agree with you. We all have to vote parties like Sverigedemokraterna (i wolud do so. Unfortunately i live in the south part of Europe, against wild immigration i have Lega Nord in my country and is nothing like the Sverigedemokraterna), without listen the leftis propaganda that show those parties as Nationalsocialism's successors.

    We have to forget our sense of guilt and start to fight to defend ourselves and our democracy!