Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Norway, a terra nullius?

The Norwegian bureau of statistics SSB, has chosen March 19, 2012, to mark that the population of Norway is breaking the 5 million barrier. The next milestone according to the same predictions will occur in 2025 when the population is set to reach 6 million, thus surpassing both Finland and Denmark in population size. This dramatic population increase is entirely due to immigration. The birth-rate among women of childbearing age in Norway, a figure which includes both immigrant and Norwegian women, is currently 1.85 and consequently the numbers of ethnic Norwegians are dwindling.

The projections made by SSB tell us three things, one that the immigrant population in Norway is increasing at a rapid pace. Two that the ethnic Norwegian population is in a steady decline and last but not least that the authorities don’t see any problems with this scenario. If we extrapolate the numbers from SSB, we’ll discover that at some stage in the future the immigrants will overtake the ethnic Norwegian population, making ethnic Norwegians a minority in their own country.

The possibility that an indigenous ethnic group risk becoming a minority in their own country should be taken seriously and efforts to reverse such an outcome should be undertaken. According to the UN’s declaration of Human Rights, every human being has a right to exists. In other parts of the world indigenous people are given special status and measures to protect them include setting aside huge land areas where non-indigenous people aren’t welcome, special protection under the law and various other types of preferential treatment. Great efforts are made to ensure that their unique culture isn’t threatened. Even the Sami population in northern Norway are bestowed such rights.

If this scenario had taken place in the Amazon or if a rapid increase in the non indigenous population had occurred on Native American land triggering a rapid decline in the indigenous population or constituting a threat to Native American culture there would be a political outcry in Norway. Demands to reverse such a trend would be made, and accusations against the respective governments for attempting to commit genocide on their indigenous populations would be expressed in the most fanatical manner. But sadly when this scenario applies to ethnic Norwegians hardly any eyebrows are raised, at least not among those who have paved the way for this slow-creeping genocide.

This can only mean that the indigenous Norwegian ethnic group isn’t deemed valuable enough to preserve, and that our culture isn’t exotic enough to be considered protecting. It also means that other ethnic groups are deemed superior and far more deserving of the rich and fertile land areas that comprise the kingdom of Norway. This is by definition genocide, and it is a well organized and well planned genocide. And it’s no coincidence that we have finally arrived at this junction. In the last 30-40 years the Norwegian political elites, in cooperation with their international brethrens, have worked actively to secure such an outcome.

They have laid the groundwork for this immigration by allowing people from the third world to settle in Norway under the guise of being persecuted asylum seekers. This tactic has been chosen in an effort to give this illegal mass movement of people more legitimacy and to make it easier to stifle troublesome criticism from the indigenous population. They have also implemented laws that make it almost impossible to deport immigrants from Norway, and to top it all off they have enacted laws which enable anyone with a non-western background who manages to reach Norwegian soil to bring their extended family to the country.

These are the practical measures that have been introduced to facilitate the immigration. The ideological measures aimed at conditioning Norwegians to this demographical tsunami are just as insidious and effective. A governmental report from 1979 specifically mentions the importance of influencing Norwegians through the use of propaganda in schools and through the mass media. This is ample proof that the authorities realized at an early stage that the only way to accomplish their task of transforming Norway into a multiethnic country was by the use of brainwashing techniques. Proof of the Norwegian Medias complicity in this task can be found in a memo published by the biggest labour union for Journalists in Norway in 1997, in which they encourages their members to write positively about immigrants and immigration.

But let’s focus on March 19, 2012. The day will no doubt be celebrated by members of the political elites. It’s quite possible that the prime minister or some other important political dignitary will visit a non-Norwegian family somewhere deep inside one of the many ethnic ghettos in the eastern part of our capital. It’s also quite possible that they will share a cup of coffee with the family members and in the presence of a few handpicked journalists, praise the efforts of the immigrant community and remind Norwegians of the important contributions and sacrifices that this group has made for the country.

Perhaps this official representative will cast a quick glance out the car window of the limousine that is taking him through the immigrant dense eastern part of the city and catch a glimpse of the numerous African drug dealers peddling their illegal goods for everyone to see. Perhaps he’ll even spot members from the many immigrant gangs that have made it a habit to attack lone ethnic Norwegian kids. Maybe he’ll also see ethnic Norwegian girls that have dyed their hair dark in order to avoid being harassed by aggressive immigrant boys, and maybe, just maybe he’ll hear the derogatory word ‘whore’ hurled at these girls as they hurry past clusters of immigrants loitering outside some of the local shopping centres or simply trawling the street looking for someone to harass.

Perhaps it would be a better idea if this political dignitary decided to pay a visit to some of the few remaining ethnic Norwegian families living in the area and listen to their stories and ask them how they feel about the massive influx of immigrants and the effect this has had on their neighbourhoods. The dignitary should pay particular attention to the stories that focus on the thousands of Norwegians who have decided to pack up and leave due the reduced quality of life that this immigration has brought about. But of course this will not happen. The political elites are not interested in such accounts, nor are they interested in giving publicity to views that can be construed as criticism or opposition to the official party line.

The political elites have never been willing to accept any criticism or rethink the consequences of their disastrous immigration policies. And never once have they apologised or expressed views that could be interpreted as regret. The only criticism coming from that direction is aimed at ethnic Norwegians for not being accommodating and tolerant enough towards their new compatriots. The immigration boom that Norway is experiencing at the moment is a result of a grand social engineering project undertaken by the political elites in Norway in true communist style. It is not the result of uncontrollable and random events. And just like in the communists nations of yesteryear the will of the people are categorically ignored and the incompetence and the arrogance of the elites themselves are applauded and praised

And that is why the entire responsibility for this failed multicultural experiment when it eventually collapses should be put squarely on the shoulders of the members of the political elites. They are the ones that have caused the immense problems that have forever damaged our nation. The consequences of their treasonous behaviour is more than 70 dead Norwegians killed by immigrants, hundreds of raped Norwegian girls and women, thousands of victims of violence, thousands of ethnic Norwegians cleansed from their own neighbourhoods and a heavily reduced quality of life for those lucky enough not to have experienced the cultural enriched violence first hand.

If nothing changes and the predictions made by the SSB become a reality and the population reaches 6 million by 2025, Norway will no longer be Norway. In fact it will be meaningless to refer to it as Norway anymore. The Norway that the older generations grew up in will be completely unrecognizable to those born and raised in Norway anno 2025. The term Norwegian will also be meaningless as it will apply to individuals of all races and people hailing from all corners of the globe, and not like the term has been used traditionally, to describe the descendants of a people that have existed in this northern land for nearly ten thousand years.

Maybe sometime in the future Norwegian history books will recount how Norway once was populated by a white people who voluntarily decided to go extinct, and continue to explain what it looked like here when the first explorers arrived in the late 1960’s. This is not as unthinkable as it sounds, considering that the current political leadership treat Norway as a terra nullius.