Monday, February 6, 2012

What are they going to do when multiculturalism collapses?

During a recent debate on multiculturalism and the state of the public discourse in Norway post 22/7, one of the participants, an avid multiculturalist conceded that in order for multiculturalism to work it is essential that all members of society embrace the concept behind this ideology. If they fail to do so the multicultural project will eventually collapse.  More critical and realistic voices would of course point out that multiculturalism in Europe failed a long time ago, an opinion by the way which is shared by the prime minister of England, David Cameron, the chancellor of Germany, Andrea Merkel and the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

However if one is to take the statement made by this person literally the conclusion can only be that multiculturalism has failed in Norway as there is a massive popular opposition to it. And this invariably leads us to the next question, and that is what type of measures are going to be introduced when it become apparent even to the most diehard multiculturalists that their beloved ideology is an utter and complete failure? How do they intend to correct their mistakes and solve the enormous problems brought on by this ideology?

It’s not unreasonable to demand that those responsible for the introduction of multiculturalism explain how they intend to deal with the problems that will arise when it collapses. After all they are the ones who paved the way for multiculturalism in Europe, and thus it’s only fair that they come up with the proper solutions. What specific measures do they propose to rectify the situation, and last but not least if serious social unrest starts spreading within the ethnic and religious enclaves in Europe is there any other effective options available than large scale repatriation of non-westerners?

Those who reject multiculturalism and who are vocal in their opposition to it are constantly hounded for pointing out that warlike scenarios can occur unless real changes to current immigration and asylum policies are made. The idea of mass repatriation is of course a sensitive issue in the west as it conjurers up images of Nazis brutality in WW2, the horrors of the Rwandan genocide and the inhumanity of the Balkan wars, and by equating repatriation with brutal ethnic cleansing the proponents of multiculturalism have effectively succeeded in silencing their detractors from promoting sound alternatives, which is unfortunate because repatriations might be the only answer to Europe’s dire problems.

So what constitutes ethnic cleansing? The term basically encompasses any policies or actions that directly or indirectly result in certain religious or ethnic groups being displaced from a specifically defined area. It doesn’t have to involve barbaric and inhumane methods like those employed by the Nazi’s and the warring factions in Rwanda. It can also be achieved through policies that favour one ethnic group over another.

One could argue that the end of colonialism in Africa led to an ethnic cleansing of westerners as approximately 3.5 million Europeans returned to their ancestral home lands as a direct result of the de-colonization process.  In some cases this was achieved by the use of violent insurgency tactics and in other cases it was achieved by political means. However very few individuals today see this enormous movement of westerners out of Africa as ethnic cleansing and many will even suggest that this was a preferable outcome. Some even so far as to say that Africa belongs to the negroid race and that the white man have no business being there. The same thing happened in the Arab world after the formation of the state of Israel with estimates suggesting that more than 800 000 Jews felt compelled to leave their countries of birth.

One could also argue that there is an ethnic cleansing taking place in southern Africa today. More than 1 million white people left South Africa in the period between 1995 and 2005. In Zimbabwe figures published in 2007 showed that only 22 000 white people remained in the country which is a significant drop from the all time high of 300 000. The ethnic cleansing in Zimbabwe has in the last decades primarily occurred through violence in which white farmers and their families have been systematically targeted and killed in the most horrific ways. One could also argue that this is done to send a message to others white Zimbabweans in order to encourage them to leave the country.

Violence has also played a part in neighbouring South Africa, but there the displacement of whites has to an equal extent been achieved through various political measures. The outcome of these intimidation tactics has been an exodus of whites which can easily be classified as ethnic cleansing. In the end the result is the same regardless of the methods used and regardless of the motivations people have for leaving these countries.

The reaction in the west to this demographic redistribution process, or rather lack of it, has also been very interesting to observe. One would expect that such measures would create an outcry in our part of the world, but that hasn’t been the case. Western multiculturalists have for the most part remained silent, and they haven’t expressed any serious concern for the plight of white South Africans. On the contrary the multiculturalists have been reluctant to even label it as ethnic cleansing.  However they do react strongly whenever someone from the political right starts talking about repatriations of non-westerners as a solution to the demographic cataclysm currently occurring in Europe. What these multiculturalists fail to grasp is that a policy in which large numbers of non-westerners are returned to their homelands might be the only realistic alternative for Europe if the continent is going to survive in its traditional form.

The Norwegian author and blogger, Fjordman was vilified in the MSM for suggesting that Europe needs to start deporting Muslims. The MSM in Norway in particular were quick to equate his ideas with Nazism. They completely rejected the idea that this could be accomplished through peaceful means. As a matter of fact every single European country today engages in deportation of bogus asylum seekers, and no one in their right mind would even consider this to be ethnically cleansing.

Just because people on the left are reluctant to address the massive problems related to multiculturalism doesn’t mean that the problems will go away. The current situation in Europe is extremely volatile and not a single day passes without violent incidents in which ethnicity and cultural differences play a critical part. If things are allowed to continue the way they are these incidents are going to increase in magnitude and we’ll see a rise in ethnic and religious division. In light of this is it really too much to ask that those who created these problems explain how they intend to fix them?  Maybe it’s time for the multiculturalists to take a hard look at themselves and realise that the dream of the multi-ethnic society was just that, a dream and nothing more.

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  1. What I find funny is that even after decades of blind pro-immigration groupthink by the left, the great mass of the newcomers doesn´t embrace the "values" of the left even less than the natives does and the "left" is simply not able nor willing to aknowledge that.