Thursday, January 26, 2012

Political correctness; when dogmatism replaces reality

The first thought that should appear in any rational person’s mind upon hearing the term political correctness is that it implies untruthfulness, as opposed to correctness which implies honesty and a sincere desire to uncover the truth. When considering this piece of information it’s rather astonishing to observe how easily political correctness has cemented its position in western societies where the pursuit of truthfulness and integrity has such strong roots. The rapid rise of political correctness should consequently be viewed as a sign of moral decay of western culture, and it should be obvious to all that ideas and policies based upon this ideology are incorrect as they derive from incorrect conclusions.

Political correctness is also a sign of intellectual fascism as it attempts to stifle free and independent thought. In essence political correctness encourages individuals not to think for themselves but rather unquestionably accept political dogmas that haven’t been subjected to any form of critical scrutiny. Political correctness is a form of political censorship as it strongly discourages and punishes the dissemination of political ‘incorrect’ information. It is the complete opposite of correctness which encourages the promulgation of controversial ideas. The urge to control and censor, which is deeply rooted in the political correct doctrine, is the cornerstone of any totalitarian ideology. 

True progress and true thinking can only take place where logic is present, and because this is not the case with political correctness, progress and honesty can never derive from this ideology. Few would argue that it makes sense to manufacture a navigational system that presupposes that the earth is flat; as such a system simply would produce inaccurate coordinates, and this is the case with anything else that is flawed from the onset. Political correctness is, when properly scrutinized, simply state sanctioned lies and anything that comes from it can never be of any value. In court proceedings where the aim is to uncover the truth lying is strictly prohibited. Parties involved in such cases even have to pledge an oath, swearing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. The same goes for medicine and science. The pursuit of truthfulness is essential in order to achieve any meaningful outcome, but sadly this principle hasn’t been applied to the current political discourse.

The only logical conclusions that can be drawn from all of this is that a society where political correctness has a prominent position is a society with strong autocratic leanings, which again raises another logical question; can true democracy exist alongside political correctness?  

The consequences of not challenging political correctness

Political correctness has paved the way for multiculturalism in the western world. Before the massive influx of foreign peoples could begin the populace had to be conditioned to accept the massive demographic changes that were to take place. This was achieved by filtering the question of multiculturalism through the sieve of political correctness, i.e. to stifle any critical opposition to liberalize existing immigration policies.

According to political correct dogma all cultures are equal in the sense that no single culture can claim moral superiority. It also asserts that any attempts at appraising and grading cultures based on moral criteria are evil, because this would entail evaluating people based on ethnic and cultural traits. Political correctness also maintains that we can draw valuable lessons from any culture. This is of course untrue. Some cultures are simply better than others. Even the UN acknowledges this through its evaluation of cultures and societies in its annual human development index list. Western nations can be found on the upper half of the list and third world and Islamic nations can be found on the bottom half. This is pretty compelling evidence that the western world has managed to create superior societies.

Another fact that corroborates this claim is that so-called asylum seekers always flee to western nations and not to African or Islamic nations, even though these are geographically closer to the places that they originally fled from. The dramatic differences in standards of living, human development and the tendency to solve conflicts by use of peaceful means are further proof that western civilization is morally superior. The fact that non-western immigrants also continue to underachieve even after having spent several decades in the west, with all the opportunities the west has to offer at their disposal, would tend to indicate that cultural and racial differences do exist, even though the political correct elite dismisses such arguments as racial bigotry.

But the transformations that have occurred in the west are not only of a demographic nature. Ideological changes have occurred in tandem with this massive influx of people to the western world. Ideals that were cherished only a few decades ago have been pushed aside and replaced with new ones that comply with the strict tenets of political correctness. Values such as individualism, honour, ambitiousness and the pursuit of excellence which have helped transform the west into the most successful civilization on earth have been discarded and are today looked down upon by the political correct elite. Political correctness has instigated a cultural and intellectual retardation process in the west where the aspiration of mediocrity is now the new ideal.

Political correctness has also resulted in westerners being less inclined to assert traditional western values. It has been stated repeatedly by the supporters of multiculturalism that immigrants will assimilate eventually and accept traditional western values, but how can this be achieved if westerners are afraid to promote these principles? And how can one possibly expect ordinary citizens to promote them when they are constantly equated with racism and bigotry by the cultural and political intelligentsia? The truth is that political correctness encourages westerners to assimilate with the newcomers rather than the other way around.

How can we stop political correctness?

If we draw the logical conclusion that lying is bad and telling the truth is good, the only logical step to follow is to crush political correctness and reject everything it stands for. In order to achieve this goal it’s vital to remove the terminology and ideas that this pernicious ideology embraces. If the dogmas espoused by political correctness are destroyed it will eventually lose its foundations and collapse just like communism fell in the former Soviet Union. It is therefore imperative to encourage people to become political incorrect (i.e. truthful). The use of political incorrect words and phrases are a prerequisite to bring down this ideology. Words and phrases sanctioned by the political correct establishment should be removed and we should revert to using traditional words that predates political correctness.

Political correctness and its adherents should also be ridiculed and exposed for what they really are. Every idea that they promote should be refuted wherever and whenever it takes place no matter how time-consuming it may be. It should also primarily take place where political correctness has a strong following because that’s where the ideological decompression processes need to occur. Defeating political correctness means winning over one soul at the time until the ideology crumbles and it can be consigned to the ideological graveyard once and for all.  

Like anything else in life political correctness has benefited immensely from the flock mentality mindset. People tend to follow instead of challenging and many chose to go against their conscience if it appears to be the easiest way out. Adherents of political correctness can therefore be divided into two categories, those who believe in its doctrines (which would tend to indicate a distorted world view) and those who don’t (people who deliberately lie or accept the lie for various reasons.)
The latter can easily be won over because they tend to follow the prevailing political winds, but the conditions need to be right for this to happen. In a political climate where those who dare to tell the truth are severely punished the act of not telling the truth has become somewhat of a survival strategy. But the more momentum the political correctness decompression process gains the easier it will be to oppose its autocratic dogmas and that is how the battle will be won.

In Norway the public discourse has been severely infected by virulent strain of political correctness. The parameters of accepted speech and thought have been dictated by the left and are strictly adhered to. There is even talk about introducing new guidelines for public speech in order to prevent so-called ‘hateful’ rhetoric. This is of course political correctness on steroids, and if this ideology isn’t halted now it will just keep on gaining momentum and eventually become even more extreme.

The decision to speak up against political correctness will have adverse consequences for those who make the courageous and deliberate decision to take it on. It is also true that life will be a lot easier for those who chose not to do so, but only in the short term. In the long run however it will have severe consequences as the unwillingness to tackle political correctness will more than likely bring on the destruction of western civilization. Bearing this in mind the choice should be simple enough, political correctness has to be stopped and people have to speak out against it. There is simply no time for cowardice. People need to start opposing the high priests of this destructive ideology or have their way of life taken away from them forever.

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  1. Thank you for your bravery in this matter. Remember, at their core--although violent--these people are weak and cowardly. I stand with you, sir.