Sunday, March 25, 2012

The new thousand year Reich

What Hitler and the Nazis tried to achieve through the use of gas chambers and concentration camps Norwegian cultural Marxists are trying to accomplish through intimidation, propaganda and a tsunami of third world immigrants imported to Norway disguised as political asylum seekers. These new fascists don’t wear Nazi uniforms, but swanky suits. They have adopted a false altruistic persona and control the Norwegian department of propaganda also known as the independent Norwegian media. Their ultimate goal is to replace the traditional owners of Norway with a social engineered ‘master race’ made up of descendants from all four corners of the globe. The original Nazis called their breeding program lebensborn; the new Nazis in Norway call theirs the multicultural society which they hope will last for the next thousand years.

These cultural Marxists are engaging in genocide against their own people by deliberately working to wipe out an ethnic national group and in the process erase all traces of its culture. Normal people who aren’t afflicted with mental leprosy are filled with love when they see their offspring, the cultural Marxists only feel hatred and disgust when they see young white ethnic Norwegian children, as to them these children represent an obstacle on the way to their deranged dream of a world without Norwegians. They facilitate the gang rape of young Norwegian girls, assaults on Norwegian children and the terrorizing of the ethnic Norwegian population, as these tactics serve an important purpose in the process of eradicating everything Norwegian.

For these cultural Marxists it makes perfect sense to engage in genocide against Norwegians as they don’t acknowledge that there is such a thing as a distinct Norwegian culture and a Norwegian ethnic group. For them everything in Norway is a result of outside influences. The hatred for their own country is so intense that they even won’t acknowledge the existence of its indigenous people; even the Nazi weren’t that extreme.  Ten thousand years of history and national identity is set to end up on the rubbish tip of history if they get their way.

They exhibit clear traits of psychopathic behaviour in the way which they ruthlessly intimidate, ridicule and crush dissidents, akin to the way Stalin crushed dissidents in the Moscow processes. For these cultural Marxists it’s not enough to get people to forget their roots and heritage, they want people to actively despise their heritage and learn that it’s completely unacceptable to celebrate anything associated with it.

The victims of this venomous campaign of nullifying history are past, present and future generations of Norwegians. The historical revisionism is well underway and the eradication process has been very successful so far. They start the mental indoctrination at an early age so they can easily mould the minds of the young and impressionable. Awareness campaigns to instil proper dosages of white guilt are heavily relied upon. Any critical remarks about the new world order are prosecuted under the pretext of being racial discrimination, the true purpose of the law however is to prevent anyone from criticizing the path staked out by the multicultural fascists.

In the words of professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen;

“The most important challenge now is to deconstruct the majority population and to be so thorough that it can never be referred to as the majority population again”

In Norway these days it’s more taboo to profess love for Norway and Norwegian culture than it is to be openly anti-Semitic. It’s more taboo to love your own country than it is to publicly express hatred for a people that the Nazis actually tried to exterminate. That’s how sick the Norwegian society is at the moment.

The so called Norwegian Anti-Racist Centre have even attempted to document alleged incidents of anti-immigration sentiments and behaviour in the immediate aftermath of the 22/7 attacks in Oslo before it became apparent that it was a Norwegian who carried out the attacks. The idea behind the project is supposed to show how evil and racist ethnic Norwegians are. The anti-racists are so determined in stopping any attempts of Norwegian assertiveness that they can’t even tolerate the tiniest outpouring of spontaneous frustration and angst when a terrorist, which everyone assumed was a Muslim, blew up a building in downtown Oslo killing several people and seriously injuring others. That’s how bad it is in Norway these days and it’s going to get a lot worse. And it’s all thanks to psychopathic Marxists fascists. And the really sad thing is that similar genocides are taking place all over the western world.

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  1. Counter-janteloven - ban 'ikke' from following phrases:

    Du skal tro at du er noe.
    Du skal tro at du er like så meget som oss.
    Du skal tro du er klokere enn oss.
    Du skal innbille deg du er bedre enn oss.
    Du skal tro du vet mere enn oss.
    Du skal tro du er mere enn oss.
    Du skal tro at du duger til noe.
    Du skal le av oss.
    Du skal tro at noen bryr seg om deg.
    Du skal tro at du kan lære oss noe.

    It may be extreme, but desperate times require desperate measures, at least for two generation. Later the Janteloven should be banned as whole.