Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Social democratic totalitarianism

The latest school shooting in the USA is just another link in the long chain of episodes that the left is ruthlessly exploiting for its own pernicious politically purposes. The message that the left is trying to sell is that anyone who support liberal gun laws or who wants to see the second amendment of the US constitution upheld are somehow morally accountable for the killing of 27 innocent individuals, mostly children, in Newtown, Connecticut.This is of course an absurd allegation to make. It’s also a very distasteful one at that, but that doesn’t deter the left who is trying to convince us that anybody who opposes stricter gun legislation is evil and should be ashamed of themselves.

This moral outrage isn’t exclusively limited to supporters of liberal gun legislation. It is also applied to anyone who dares to oppose the many other selected pet causes of the left such as gay marriage, Islam and multiculturalism. If someone dares to express even the slightest doubt about the wisdom of allowing gays to marry then they are automatically branded as homophobic. The same applies to those who express concern about multiculturalism. They are also quickly labelled, in those instances as despicable racists, bigots and so forth. The reason they have all these vile epithets hurled at them is because the left are suffering from a political tantrum syndrome which they feel give them the moral right to demonize people that don’t agree with them.  It’s an infantile reaction coming from people that in many cases are still stuck mentally in the kindergarten sandbox.

We have now reached an era where ad hominem tactics are being used as a deliberate political strategy to silence political opponents. It has become so bad that espousing conservative political views is now considered to be the new taboo. Character assassination has been turned into a debating technique which aim is to pull into question the morality of any purveyor of views that haven’t been sanctioned by the left. This constant pressure to embrace and adopt certain views through the extensive use of intimidation has delivered a decisive blow to traditional western values and it has been a very effective tool in the psychological neutering process of the western male.

Needless to say it is therefore imperative to identify the tactics employed by the left and to have the necessary knowhow to deflect these tactics and throw them back in their faces. The best way is of course still the traditional way which is to methodically debunk their arguments by picking them apart one by one which is not that difficult to do as most of their ‘enlightened’ opinions are ideological drivel without any basis in reality. Counter arguments that are based on factual information cannot be refuted and when they are interspersed with a dose of good old dry sarcasm they tend to have a very powerful effect.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen is a typical Norwegian academic who has for the last couple of decades worked tirelessly to make sure that Norway doesn’t miss out on the ‘multiethnic dream’. He holds a high position within the tiny narrow-minded academic milieu in Norway and he is by many considered to be an important mentor for the left. Despite his slightly pompous and overbearing personality he was clearly shaken when an Iranian immigrant recently accused him in an newspaper op-ed of having ideologically provided ABB with enough ‘mental ammunition’ to commit the atrocities in Norway on July 22, 2011 by making the following statement:

‘Now it’s important to deconstruct the majority and do it so thoroughly so that it can never be referred to as a majority again’.

Following this verbal ‘broadside’ which the left leaning academia in Norway where up in arms about, Mr Eriksen petulantly stated that he didn’t feel like continuing with his research. Maybe it was uncalled for but one should keep in mind that Thomas Hylland Eriksen himself had no qualms about making similar accusations against people who were just as innocent as him in the time after the attacks.

What it all boils down to is that an offensive approach will always be the best form of defence. One should never give the left an inch when engaging them in debates; never give them a reason to believe that they have the upper hand mentally or ideologically. Nor should one feel guilty about having an independent and controversial opinion. So what if the people on the left don’t like it, is it their responsibility to determine what constitute correct political speech?

In my opinion no one has been more successful in exposing and countering the dirty tactics of the left than former leader of the progress party (FrP) in Norway, Carl I Hagen. He never held back and he always spoke his mind. He had an almost uncanny ability to make those TV journalists who clearly despised him and who constantly questioned him for his controversial political views look like ignorant and ill prepared little school children. I personally believe that Carl I Hagen and the FrP are one of the reasons why the intellectual climate in Norway today is so different to that of Sweden where it is unthinkable to publicly oppose or criticize multiculturalism. It is important to realize that the only way to topple political correctness and hopefully reign in the out of control horse which is multiculturalism, is to reject its unwritten rules, and that means not being afraid of speaking one’s mind whether the subject is gun control, gay marriages, Islam or multiculturalism.

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