Sunday, May 20, 2012

When core values are challenged and start to shatter

Many things have been said and written about the 22/7 attacks in Norway. The list of social commentators who have accused others of having contributed ideologically to the attacks is extensive. Sadly these purveyors of sanctimonious leftist disingenuousness have failed to draw any meaningful lessons from this horrendous event, which is a real pity as there are valuable lessons to be drawn. Instead of demonizing the right, they would be well advised to do some much needed soul-searching and reflect upon whether there is anything in their own ideology that could have contributed to foment a climate in which such an attack could take place. There is no doubt that the attacks of July 22 have highlighted the left’s ideologically distorted view of reality and that it has confirmed that pure evil exists and that it cannot be tamed or harnessed no matter how much the left would like us to believe otherwise

Hopefully the Norwegian authorities will take this to heart, although it must be very hard for them as it goes against the very core of their ideology, which affirms that evil is a result of environmental factors such as oppression, hatred and unkindness. The Norwegian authorities’ belief in this thesis is so strong that they have mandated that everything in Norway is to be subjected to this established truth. Everything from our penal system which focuses exclusively on rehabilitation rather than punishment, to our immigration policies which aims to westernize third world asylum seekers by way of showering them with compassion and by investing astronomical sums of money in order to lift them up to a decent living standard and to transform them into Norwegians.
Likewise, the authorities refuse to properly punish criminals who commit the most heinous crimes believing that empathy and respect will encourage them into becoming law-abiding and caring citizens. This altruistic mindset has also permeated our foreign policies resulting in Norwegian diplomats initiating talks with terrorist organization such as Hamas believing that the organization’s readiness to engage in terror stems from a perceived oppression perpetrated by the Israeli state. In Norway the authorities believe that Hamas will lay down their arms and become productive peaceful citizens as soon as this perceived oppression is brought to an end.

There is something very disturbing and explicitly effeminate behind such a mentality. The desire to change and mould people are almost exclusively found in women, which is why so many imprisoned mass murderers, paedophiles and rapist regularly receive love-letters and marriage proposals from women on the outside who are convinced that they can save them from themselves. One possible explanation for Norway’s hasty political shift to the far left of the political spectrum in recent years can be explained by the enormous influx of women into the higher echelon of political life or alternatively that their male counterparts have been emasculated and subdued by a heavily feminised society.

The cultural and political elites in Norway were stunned when Behring Breivik went on his deadly rampage last July and now they act like a bewildered rich kid who has been brutally assaulted and had his money taken away by a poor kid he thought was a friend. The authorities can’t for the life of them comprehend why someone they treated with such benevolence and reverence would wish to inflict such terrible harm upon them and they probably never will.  But at least some people on the left have started to see the light. People who would automatically call for treatment and rehabilitation of criminals pre 22/7 now talk candidly about the insufficiency of the Norwegian penal codes which will only hand down a 21 year prison sentence to someone who has slaughtered 77 people. Maybe they are beginning to realize that in a just and fair society the act of killing an innocent person should always be treated in the strictest manner possible regardless whether it happens in a terrorist attack or not, and regardless of the number of victims. Maybe it has finally started to dawn upon them that rehabilitation isn’t necessarily a punishment fit for the crime.

The Norwegian wannabe Jihadist was given every opportunity to become a law-abiding and productive citizen. He was given a good elementary education and he was given the opportunity to attend university virtually free of charge. He was given free healthcare and was protected by a large safety net in the form of very generous welfare system that would scoop him up if he was somehow unable to secure a job or generate a steady income. The authorities in Norway went to great lengths to coax him and others like him to do something meaningful with their lives, but still he chose to turn upon them and perpetrated an almost unspeakable act. Now the authorities are scratching their heads unable to grasp that someone from their own flock could treat them with such utter contempt and sheer brutality.

Perhaps it would have been easier for them to accept the gravity of it all if Breivik hadn’t blown up the government building in Oslo and had he only killed a handful of people on Utoya Island instead of the 69 that he executed there in cold blood. And maybe it would have been easier for them if he had expressed some remorse for his actions instead of bragging about it. If that had been the case then maybe just maybe they would have handed him the standard 10-14 year rehabilitation sentence to be served in a nice cushy Norwegian prison and let him return to society afterwards as a free man. The fact that he decided to deal such a decisive blow to the official policy of multiculturalism must have been very hard for them to swallow considering that multiculturalism is the Holy Grail of the political left in Norway and nothing absolutely nothing can be allowed to harm or jeopardize its position.

But then again who knows, maybe this incident will prompt the Norwegian authorities to finally re-evaluate their views on the need to confront evil and deal with it in an appropriate manner, but then again maybe not. Maybe they will continue down the same path and keep on ignoring reality and continue to gaze out at the world through the prism of their political correct and warped ideology,

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