Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why the rejection of multiculturalism is ethical and just

Besides the obvious arguments against third world mass immigration and multiculturalism, such as that it leads to colonisation, fragmentation, conflicts and the destruction of indigenous ethnic groups there are other more insidious and less transparent factors that make a strong case for the scrapping of this ideology. The most obvious one being that multiculturalism as prescribed by the UN and hence all western nations is classical Marxism in its purest form. It encompasses all the doctrines of hardcore Marxism as espoused by the Bolsheviks in the Communist nirvana of the former Soviet Union. It embraces the Marxists principles of the oppressed masses, the ruthless exploiters and the credo of performing based upon ability and receiving based on needs.

After more than 70 years of Communism in Eastern Europe it shouldn’t really be necessary to point out the obvious, which is that an ideology that has claimed more than 100 million lives should be shunned like the bubonic plague and not embraced which is the case today.  Adopting any tenets of this ideology is morally indefensible. Marxist inspired multiculturalism not only champions principles that are hostile to freedom and individuality, but it also completely rejects the notion of self and dismisses that man posses the ability to rise above and overcome hardship and challenges. It is a tyrannical ideology whose ultimate goal is to enslave people and erase any traits of Individuality. It is thus not only ethical to reject this ideology, but it should be considered a sacred duty.  Opposing it is noble and most certainly not a sign of extremism which the frantic proponents of multiculturalism on the left would like us to believe.

Another strong argument for the abolition of multiculturalism is much more tangible and that is that it’s a system that breeds criminality and erodes the respect for the rule of law. The consequences of its policies have resulted in an astronomical explosion in crime and subsequently an enormous drain on the financial resources of the nations affected with this disease. Multiculturalism is causing the destruction of societies and perversely the resources which are siphoned from the public coffers to uphold it is channelled straight into the pockets of criminal networks that have no respect for human dignity and democratic play. Apart from the illegal immigrants themselves, these organizations are the only ones who truly benefit from multiculturalism as it is they who control the flow of individuals into the west. One could argue that they are the gatekeepers to the west.

 It is no small task to create a multicultural society. There are enormous logistically challenges that has to be overcome. Importing millions of diverse ethnic groups half way around the world is challenging especially when it has to be done surreptitiously in order to dupe the masses into believing that the ever increasing flow of people into their countries have a legitimate reason to be there. This illegal trade have empowered and enriched criminal organizations that make their fortunes by unlawfully transporting immigrants across national borders. It has been claimed that human trafficking is the second most lucrative business in the world after drug trafficking and the reason why it has risen to this position is due to flawed, undemocratic and highly unethical immigration policies implemented in the west. Human trafficking wouldn’t be possible had it not been for the liberal immigration policies which reward those who choose to ignore the law. In all other areas of life it is considered unethical to fund and financially support criminal enterprises, but if the purpose of it is to further advance multiculturalism then it’s okay.

There are no moral reasons why people in the west should have to accept things that are unethical, and there are certainly no moral reasons why they should have to finance such activities with their tax dollars. And we’re not simply talking about human trafficking here. Taxpayers in the west also indirectly have to finance other types of crime, such as drug trafficking, prostitution and numerous other illegal and highly immoral activities which have had a catastrophic effect on western society. Fifty years ago parents didn’t have to worry about their children getting hooked on hard drugs or being the targets of vicious assaults and gang rapes. The advent of drugs such as heroin, crack and methamphetamine which is a by-product of multiculturalism combined with the enormous influx of individuals from backwards nations where the rule of law is nonexistent have drastically changed the social fabric of western societies and transformed many of our major cities into areas which are unfit for raising kids, and unfortunately smaller towns and villages which have become somewhat of a safe haven are next on the list.

Another immoral aspect of multiculturalism is that it has created a new class of people, which by the way has always been the main goal of this ideology, namely the oppressed that are incapable of fending for themselves and thus reliant on welfare and subsequently an enormous drain on our resources. It is worth noting that this aspect of multiculturalism also caters to the Marxist doctrines of receiving according to needs. Multiculturalism has created a new minority that are both ethnically and culturally foreign to the continent and that are ruthlessly being used as a fulcrum to force through cultural and ideological changes that would otherwise have been impossible to achieve. This new minority has been designated the role of the oppressed masses which must be liberated and thus given preferential treatment. It has laid the foundation for conflicts and violence as per classical Marxist doctrines which stipulate that the oppressed are entitled to, or more correctly, obliged to rebel. It is blueprint for societal upheaval and violent societal change.

The world has never seen any ideologies or belief systems which are more anti-freedom, anti-individualism and violent than Communism and the ideology that it uses to achieve its goals, Islam. Combined they have more blood on their hands than any other ideology in the world. Their doctrines violate the most fundamental human rights that were incorporated in the universal declaration of Human Rights, back in the day when the UN was still a functioning and relatively honest organization. These two ideologies need to be confronted and not pampered with which is the case at the moment. Modern Marxism and Islam are in cahoots and their aim is to mentally and physically erase any trace of the enlightened and free world and replace it with un-freedom and subjugation.

In free societies it is the task of its citizens to decide how they chose to live their lives.  It is not the responsibility of a tiny powerful minority to force collectivism or any other undemocratic belief system upon them. What we have today is a Marxist imposed multiculturalism. Instead of the bloody and violent ways of Marxism in the past this new version of Marxism is controlled by means of cultural relativism.  Forced consensus and lack of opposition is part and parcel of classical Marxism which today is encapsulated in modern day political correctness. Everything today must be measured up against this paradigm and subsequently be rejected or embraced, and it is the Marxists proponents of multiculturalism that gets to decide what is and what isn’t political correct. A tiny and powerful and for the moist part unelected minority get to dictate policies that have monumental consequences for the indigenous populations of the west. This is wrong and it cannot be accepted.

Opposing third world mass immigration and multiculturalism is therefore ethical and just, which undeniably means that supporting mass immigration and multiculturalism are unethical and unjust.  Multiculturalism is simply another word for Marxism and everything that it espouses must be rejected. It is an evil and undemocratic ideology that abhors personal freedom and individuality. It is an evil doctrine which has already managed to greatly curtail freedom of speech and criminalize certain aspects of traditional mainstream conservatism. It is essential that the true face of multiculturalism is exposed and presented in a truthful light. If we fail to do so we will most definitely lose the fight against this sinister ideology and we simply can’t allow ourselves to do that.

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