Friday, February 1, 2013

The Gypsy case

Also published at Gates of Vienna
This clip is important for several reasons.


It’s important because of the highly ideological and uncritical way basic information of the case is presented; it’s obvious from the beginning that the narrator has a political agenda.

It’s also important because vital information from the ruling has deliberately been omitted. According to the judgment of the Bergen City Court, Mirela Mustaza, the woman who is being portrayed as a victim of institutionalized Norwegian racism in the clip, allowed and facilitated the rape of her 11-year-old daughter back in 2008 when her daughter was forcibly married to another gypsy. The narrator ‘failed’ to mention this very important piece of information, and I’m sure a lot of viewers wonder why this fact was left out.

According to the court ruling, Mustaza’s daughter was raped by her new ‘husband’ on the wedding night while being held down by several grown men. She now lives at an undisclosed location in Sweden and was very upset about the dishonest way facts were presented in the story.

NRK has stated that the reason why they left out the information about the rape was due to the fact that it happened back in 2008, and that it would therefore ‘complicate things!’

Another piece of information that was conveniently left out was the fact that several of the convicted adults indecently assault the children in their care while they were touring Norway and Sweden in 2010. The narrator also ‘forgot’ to mention that some of the children were forcibly married, or rather sold by their families to members of the group for approximately 10,000 and 15,000 euros, hence the trafficking aspect of the conviction.

And last but not least, the narrator failed to mention that the convicted adults and the children in their care were involved in theft and scams that pocketed for the group several hundred thousand NoK, which was then wired back to Romania. This refutes the claim made by the narrator that the members of the group are poor and vulnerable.

Another important aspect of this case is that the Norwegian media didn’t bother to react, nor did they attempt to refute the information presented in the story. This is grotesque, considering that the majority of the big newspapers in Norway covered the so-called ‘gypsy case’ when it was before the court in Bergen in 2012. In other words, the MSM was aware of the basic facts of the case, but deliberately chose not to raise the matter.

This could of course arise from the fact that the quality of journalism in Norway leaves a lot to be desired, or that the media in Norway are mostly left-wing and choose to downplay incidents that go against their political beliefs, or a combination of both. This particular case only received MSM attention when picked up on it and started making some noise. It took almost two weeks before the MSM in Norway paid any attention to it.

The main reason for this deafening silence is a concerted effort on the part of certain strata of the political establishment to counter the massive public outcry to the Gypsy invasion of Norway, an invasion which has seen petty crime skyrocket all over the country. In some of the more sickening cases, Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies have violently assaulted very old people and stolen their valuables.

Those brave people who have voiced their opinions despite the official intimidation campaign have quickly found themselves at the receiving end of the very effective Norwegian smear machinery, and have been branded ‘racists’ by the MSM. I suppose it is ‘understandable’ to a certain extent that the MSM wanted to downplay this case, as it paints a very different picture than the glossy fairytale story about ‘poor and honest oppressed people’ who are simply trying to make a better life for themselves in Norway the ‘narrative’ that they, the MSM, have been force-feeding us for such a long time.

NRK, the state broadcaster which aired the clip, is financed through a compulsory yearly fee which has to be paid by anyone who owns a TV set in Norway. More and more people have finally begun to realize that it’s morally wrong to demand that ordinary Norwegians finance a media outlet that is so blatantly slanted politically. And this is by no means an isolated incident. In the 1980s and ‘90s news clips like this were commonplace, but back then NRK and the leftwing Norwegian MSM enjoyed a literal media monopoly where critical voices were persona non grata.

Thankfully, it seems that conservative independent media outlets in Norway have finally managed to gain enough strength to make a difference. Let’s hope that NRK and the MSM start paying some attention and see the value of unbiased and honest reporting.

For those who read Norwegian, here’s a copy of the Court’s indictment of the defendants as presented during their arraignment.


  1. Most media in Norway are right wing. Only tiny Klassekampen and arguably Dagsavisen can be classified as left wing. Most newspapers and TV stations are center-right (Dagladet, VG, TV2, NRK, Aftenposten), liberalist (DN, Finansavisen) or conservative christian.

  2. This is the first gypsy case that has ever got to Strasbourg. This is a good topic for my politics essays.