Monday, June 24, 2013

What is going on inside their heads?

The thing that disgusts me most about the political correct establishment in Norway is the remarkable callousness and mindboggling indifference that they show toward the victims of crimes carried out by individuals whom they have given political asylum and who in most cases are in no need of our protection. Many of these so-called asylum seekers are illiterates with little or no qualifications and with absolutely no intention of contributing to society or to stay on the straight and narrow. Many of them subsequently turn to crime and in many cases very serious crime. The type of criminal activities that these ungrateful degenerates commit to show their gratitude to the nation that took them in housed them and fed them are often very violent and in many cases inflict deep physical and mental scars on its victims. Still this is not enough to prompt the members of the political correct elites to show any moral indignation or outrage for the problems that their failed policies have led to. They don’t shed any tears for the Norwegian women and children that are routinely gang raped, the law-abiding citizens that are mugged and in many cases beaten within an inch of their lives and the countless young Norwegian children that are bullied and physically attacked by gangs of non-ethnic youths for simply being ethnic Norwegians. They have simply chosen to ignore these troublesome incidents and in those rare cases where they are forced to acknowledge that the problem actually exists, they simply sweep it under the rug and try to ignore it as best as they can.

We don’t see any remorse on their part when young women and children get their lives ruined by individuals whom they have welcomed to the country with open arms. We don’t see any remorse when lives are cut short due to minimal impulse control and a complete lack of moral and common decency in those that they so arrogantly refer to as marginalised minorities. We simply don’t hear about any outpouring of moral indignation for the ills that they have brought upon their own nation by actively supporting treasonous policies and by relentlessly pursuing self serving interests. The political establishment do not and will not bat an eyelid no matter how bad the outcome of their policies are, which does raise the question, what are their true motives and  why are they doing this to their own citizens? People who are incapable of showing remorse and empathy are referred to as psychopaths in medical terminology. Psychopathic behaviour is of course frowned upon in the western world so why is it then that such behaviour is so prevalent among the political elites who hold the most important office in the country?

The fact that there isn’t a political will to ensure that women can walk around freely in our biggest cities after dark without having to worry about being assaulted and raped by psychopathic individuals from the third world is very disturbing and it simply doesn’t make sense. Nor does it make any sense that the political elites choose to maintain a corrupt immigration system that sees the arrival of tens of thousands of individuals whose identities cannot be properly verified and whom the authorities know absolutely nothing about. Nor does it make any sense that these individuals are released into society from day one, free to roam the streets of our cities and do whatever they please. It is very hard to come to terms with the fact that the elected representatives of Norway are allowing this to happen and that they continue to follow policies which is fast depleting the nation’s resources and which will ultimately send it over the cliff.

The fact that the political establishment don’t seem to care about the wellbeing of its own citizens is appalling, but what is even more appalling is the fact that the citizens who do care and who do have the decency and moral integrity to voice their concerns are being vilified and demonized by the loyal henchmen of the state, such as the state sponsored media which has clearly forgotten how to do its job, which is to keep an eye on the authorities and hold them to account for their actions. The medias response to any critical arguments are met with accusations of Islamophobia and racism. They’ll use any excuse as long as they don’t have to address the issues at hand, such as the spurious claim that it plays into the hands of right wing extremists who seek to exploit incidents of such nature to stir up racial and religious tensions.

The political elite who are ultimately responsible for this mess will never take a step back and look honestly at the chaos that they have created or to consider whether a change in policy is needed, unlike other normal people who pause, reflect and re-evaluate their options all the time. Doing so would of course mean having to question the wisdom of slavishly following undemocratic recommendations of non-elected international organizations and to ask whether it is in the best interest of the nation to go on importing individuals who have no inclination or prospects of contributing financially to Norway and whose presence there constitutes a serious threat to the future survival of the nations indigenous population.

Individuals who question the wisdom of transforming a once peaceful and prosperous nation into a very unsafe and violent nation, to set it on a course of financial and demographic ruin and established it as a safe haven for illegal immigrants from all corners of the world are not evil right-wing extremists but caring and concerned citizens who have the best interest of their country and their fellow compatriots at heart. It is not those who question and oppose the political correct establishment that have altered the nation beyond recognition. They are not the evil ones. The evil ones are the people that have decided to ignore the clear legal obligation which has been made mandatory for every single Norwegian politician and official representative of the state as set forth in the Norwegian constitution, and instead decided to serve foreign and non-Norwegian interests. Any politician that takes his/her orders from abroad to the detriment of his own nation is a traitor, or to use a more fitting Norwegian term, a Quisling. There are many Quislings’ in Norway at the moment and many of them are unfortunately members of the Norwegian Parliament. Hopefully they can be stopped before they are able to inflict even more irreparable damage to the country that they are so hell-bent on destroying, and hopefully history will remember them for exactly what they are.


  1. why oh why don't the people who are being treated so abominately by their governments vote them out come election time or is it that all ballot boxes are rigged and a waste of time? The situation in Norway is the same as Sweden, Sweden the same as Denmark, the same as the UK, the UK the same as Holland the same as France,and so on


    1. I have some ideas about that:They have been brainwashed from early childhood to believe a set of (dogmatic) principles.
      - That people are intrinsically good, desire peace and harmony
      - That all cultures are intrinsically ... because of this.
      - That all religions are because of this.
      - That Western supremacism, racism and economic dominance are the cause of all wars, injustice and poverty in the world.
      -Most people have a natural inclination to follow the herd and the sheperds. It requires some intellectual and moral courage to see past the veil, which is somewhat difficult and dangerous for your career/reputation.
      -The West is suffering from the Gamblers phallacy: we've invested so much in this social experiment that we felt the need to double down, and now we're going all-in. We can't stomach the idea that we've made a mistake and accept our huge losses.