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Cultural enrichment shock and awe

Cultural enrichment shock and awe

Also published at Gates of Vienna

In the real-time tear-jerking mockumentary which we are being bombarded with these days on Cry-TV and in the Bash-Whitey Media, hundreds of thousands of uninvited illiterate, ungrateful and very hostile illegal immigrants are gate-crashing their way onto the European mainland. It has been described as “a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions” by the MSM and the emissaries of impeccable morals, who have bestowed upon themselves the privilege to redefine what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, what words we are allowed to utter, what posts we’re allowed to like on Facebook, which tweets we are allowed to retweet on Twitter, how to express our emotions and when to just shut up and keep quiet.

True, it is a human catastrophe of epic proportions, but not in the way that the humanitarian mini-Goebbels of the West would like to portray it. It’s a humanitarian catastrophe for the indigenous peoples of Europe who have been told repeatedly that they have a moral responsibility to feed, house and accommodate a sea of illegal immigrants, many of whom are directly hostile to them, who most definitely will be unable to look after themselves financially, and who will alter the cultural makeup of the continent until it’s completely unrecognizable.

But this is fine, because this is exactly what the elites in the West want. They see it as a good thing. After all, Multiculturalism is the religion of choice among the morally superior these days. And they get to dictate and pontificate over the whining and racists plebs who are significantly less thrilled about the Third-World tsunami rushing towards them than they are. These members of the elite share the same visions as their co-religionists in the Mohammedan world; the only difference is that while in Islam the practitioners prostrate five times a day, the practitioners of Multiculturalism bend over backwards all day long.

And after a while all this backwards-bending seriously affects their thinking, and they stop seeing the outrageousness of their actions. After wandering around in a multicultural la-la haze for an extended period of time, throwing the doors open wide and inviting people from all corners of the globe to come and take part in the wrecking derby which is the slow and thorough deconstruction of modern day Europe seem like the proper and sensible thing to do. They also believe that slamming and bullying anyone who does not share their views is the apex of human morality.

Rest assured: they do not care that time is running out fast. They do not care that if things do not change dramatically very quickly, the escalating humanitarian catastrophe will most likely morph into civil unrest and full-blown wars with all the nastiness that this entails. Nothing could be further from their minds. All they care about is “our moral obligation”, international conventions, dialogue, harmony, social cohesion and exposing racism and bigotry “for what it is”. Feel-good words are more important than facing reality head-on and exhibiting true leadership. Unfortunately, the silent majority don’t hold them to account, but seem to be quite comfortable with the destruction and misery that the elites are wreaking upon them. It’s a real-life Greek tragedy played out on the political stage on a continent run by madmen.

But what we are seeing today is not a random unavoidable event. It’s a product of a very clever military strategy employed by an emboldened enemy who is high on Western weakness and obsequiousness and hell-bent on conquering our lands and ridding them of anything that they perceive as having corrupt classical liberal ideals. And sadly this is no longer a farfetched pipe dream that will never see the light of day. It is within their reach, and if they succeed they will introduce their religion and philosophy, which is as far removed from liberal ideals as women’s rights are removed from the judicial system in Saudi Arabia. If they succeed, there will not be any opt-out clauses for those who are uncomfortable with a political system that makes the rulers of the Stone Age look like modern-day progressives. It’s all in or out with a bang — or a noose around the neck.

Almost everyone who hasn’t yet gone through the degrading ritual of having to swallow the slow-working euthanasia pill supplied by the elitist heirs to the Western civilization — pills which causes the patient to feel guilt and shame and to despise his own history and culture — see it for what it is: unrelenting demographic warfare. It is even the stated goal of the Islamic State (ISIS), which has promised to inundate Europe with refugees in order to destabilize the continent. Not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaida, who have written this particular strategy into their master plan for Europe. And also several leaders in the Muslim world who have brazenly and unashamedly boasted about how easy it is going to be to bring the Western world to its knees.

The Germans employed similar tactics during World War Two with their Lebensraum project, but they went about it in a slightly different manner. Unlike the enemy of today, the Germans sent in their military machinery first and then populated the conquered areas after they had been won by force. In contrast, today’s enemies send in their civilian population and their combatants disguised as civilians first, safe in the knowledge that a full victory will follow just as surely as summer is followed by autumn if biology is allowed to run its course. It’s a long-term strategy, generational warfare, if you like. Just as the poor immigrants who arrived on boats from Europe in America in the previous centuries toiled to secure a better future for their offspring, the enemy of today will work hard to establish a fertile environment for a hostile takeover of Europe, and implement a full scale Lebensraum project for their people and a new arena in which to introduce their religious and political ambitions.

There really is no need to delve deeper into the reasons why this travesty has been allowed to take place. The details are well known to anyone who has not undergone the mandatory mental castration which is essential for those who wish to have a career in today’s society. But the effects should be obvious to all, and especially those who have a set of working eyes and a brain that isn’t completely enveloped by the thick mass of multicultural syrup which is being pushed as the truth in today’s uber-humanistic societies.

The reasons why we have reached this epic point of no return are manifold, but mostly they are a result of a relentless political indoctrination campaigns that have permeated every strata of our societies and which have been extraordinarily successful in shaping the minds of the young and gullible — of which there seem to be an overabundance of these days. This process, the equivalent of a nonstop mental gang-rape from cradle to grave, has instilled in the average Western man the notion that he himself is to blame for everything that is wrong with this world, and thus he has a moral responsibility to destroy himself, his own heritage and the future of his offspring, in the name of reconciliation, anti-colonialism, multiculturalism and social cohesion. Those who are unaffected by the propaganda and who speak out are subjected to a more crude form of mental gang-rape, which also involves mocking, bullying, telling untruths and destroying lives, often perpetrated by individuals who lack male genitalia, or, in those cases that they do possess them, have very low levels of testosterone.

They like to brag about the fact that we in the West enjoy freedom of speech, and consequently we are free and live in truly democratic societies, but freedom of speech is a mere illusion if the consequences of using this freedom means that you will lose your job, be completely unsuitable for any potential future employment, lose your house, be hounded by the media, and become the target of violent organizations that won’t hesitate for a second to use force in order to reduce you to silence. That is, of course, if the authorities don’t choose to intervene, by way of prosecuting, bankrupting and shipping troublemakers off to gaol for the heinous crime of telling the truth. It should be obvious to all that employing this same logic, one could also argue that North Korea has freedom of speech; it is just that if you use this freedom there it will be some very unsatisfactory consequences for you.

The unfolding crisis which has picked up steam in the last few months has shown us that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. It has clearly demonstrated that words and ideas, repeated often enough, with enough fervour, self-righteousness, mockery, intimidation and thinly-veiled threats, can be more potent than the most lethal bullet fired from the most powerful rifle. People these days cower when they are accused of racism, bigotry, hatred, Islamophobia just as much as people a couple of generations ago would cower if they had a gun pointed at their heads. As a matter of fact, the levels of self-preservation these days have reached record lows, to the extent that if someone indeed was to pull a gun at the new, modern, well-groomed Western man, his first inclination would not be to try and run away or overpower his assailant, but rather to try and engage him in a conversation in order to try and understand the underlying root causes that led the poor assailant down the spiralling path of justified victimhood rage.

The enemy we’re facing today has realized that there are two ways to subdue a country and bring it to its knees. One is to overwhelm its armed forces by using superior military might, and the other is to create chaos inside country’s borders by non-military means, which will unleash a chain reaction of responses leading to a crippling of its civilian institutions. It is this last scenario that we are seeing the early stages of today. If you can create anarchy in a foreign country and overwhelm the armed forces and the police, then you have severely weakened that country’s ability to defend its external borders, and thus made it ripe for conquest. It’s a strategy of cultural enrichment shock and awe.

In a way, demographic warfare is synonymous with biological warfare. Even hard-core environmentalists will sometimes refer to the human race as a virus that is slowly destroying our planet by its tendency to multiply at an unprecedented rate, and by devouring all of the Earth’s resources. One could use the same analogy and refer to the “refugees” that keep pouring out on our shores in the same manner. These “refugees” have the same effect on our local ecosystem — namely breeding at an unprecedented rate, devouring a great percentage of our resources and putting the ecosystem out of equilibrium, just as the human race, according to these hard-core environmentalists, are putting the Earth’s ecosystem out of equilibrium.

But maybe we shouldn’t use such an analogy, because the high priests and priestesses of moral justice who decide what is acceptable speech and what isn’t don’t like biology, and they’ll mentally emasculate anyone who dare to use the dreaded word or chooses to elaborate on the consequences of elementary biology. People who spell out the basic facts, as presented in Charles Darwin’s book “The origin of species” are vehemently attacked and given cute little labels such as Nazi, racist, bigot, hater etc. which is often enough to stymie a meaningful debate along those lines. But the proponents of mass immigration are themselves unwittingly relying on biological arguments to justify the rapid descent into the abyss, by referring to the aging population, the declining number of babies being born and the effect that this will have on the population in the long term unless it is replenished from the rich baby fields of the Third World. I suppose facts are a good thing as long as they can be used to prop up self-serving arguments.

The enemies of the West have already won a decisive victory, not a full-fledged one in the conventional sense of the word, but an important ideological victory, in which they have managed to get large groups of the population to sympathizes with them and their cause. It’s like a massive outbreak of battered wife syndrome, in which people have turned a blind eye to the unpleasantness that follow in the wake of mandatory cultural enrichment, and refuse to face the dire realities that lie in wait in the exciting land of the future. The verbal and ideological assault have left us shell-shocked. We are walking around aimlessly scratching our heads trying to figure it all out while bathing in the multicultural euphoria spewed out by the mass media.

If Hitler had possessed the knowledge that our enemies possess today, and if he had chosen to use the same tactics he would probably have had his thousand-year Reich a couple of generations after his death. Today there are thousands of Hitler clones walking around in silly little potato sacks in the Arab and Muslim world who are actively availing themselves of this demographic bomb strategy. These clones reminisce about the good old days of Hitler and they envy his quick and industrial extermination of the Jews. But at the same time they realize that a rapid holocaust “Hitler-style” is probably out of their reach at the present stage, and instead they settle for a slow holocaust, in which the wheel of time slowly grind away at the native populations of the West, and eventually the victims themselves lose hope and give up the will to procreate and the desire to defend themselves.

Strategy is Alpha and Omega in any planned operation. People who don’t have a strategy are just walking around aimlessly in the dark, and will soon be defeated by those who have thought out their moves in advance. The EU’s pathetic non-existent attempts at solving this problem can be viewed as nothing other than an open invitation to the enemy to bring the continent to its knees and eradicate any vestiges of Western civilization and European heritage.

You don’t need a brilliant idea or plan to win, but you are unlikely to triumph without one.

Any attempts to counter ideas and plans are always doomed to fail unless you have a plan of your own. In the future, if sanity returns to Europe — and it will probably manifest itself in the form of various military coups — the best solution would be to invade parts of the Muslim Middle East and create a protectorate to which illegal immigrants can be repatriated. If failed states in the Third World continue shipping off immigrants in huge numbers to Europe, then Europe certainly has a moral right to intervene and make sure that this insidious practice is stopped once and for all.

We all know it is possible to turn the tide. The only thing that is lacking at the present time is the will and the guts to do so.


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