Thursday, May 23, 2013

A new chapter in Islam’s long running war of intimidation and terror in Europe

The grotesque murder of an unarmed lone British soldier in London yesterday, where two Muslim males first ran over the unexpecting victim with their car in order to incapacitate him, then got out and proceeded to stab and chop him to death with meat cleavers like he was some kind of rabid animal, and supposedly attempting to decapitate him, marks a new chapter in Islam’s long running war of intimidation and terror in Europe in modern times. Such vicious and barbaric tactics have of course been commonplace on other continents for a long time now; hence it is not a major change in strategy by members of the religion of peace, they have just imported one more of their barbaric tactics to Europe and upped the pace in their violent struggle to create a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. The beheading of Buddhist monks in Thailand, the massacring of Christian worshippers in Nigeria and the killing of Christian Copts in Egypt is of course old news for those who have ventured beyond the world of the political correct MSM that for some reason find it enormously inconvenient to present news that portray their favourite European based victim group in a less than flattering light. This time however the MSM had no choice but to describe how die-hard Muslims go about it when they decide to deal with their enemies and it will most definitely not be the last time that they attack in such a gruesome manner in Europe. I’m afraid that this is just the beginning and that the mostly leftwing media is in for one hell of a surprise.

There have of course been other Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe in recent times. Members of the religion of peace even struck in the same city in 2005 when four fellow devout Muslims detonated powerful bombs on the London Public Transportation network killing 52 civilians and maiming countless others, and although that was a truly horrific act of terror I would still venture that this latest attack was more gruesome in nature. The act of hunting down an unarmed, unexpecting and random individual, and then literally slaughtering the poor soul like a rabid dog leaves a far more profound and lasting mental impression on members of the public than powerful bomb explosions instantly killing whoever is unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity when they go off. The fact that the victim was alive when they started working on him, probably fully aware that he was going to be chopped to pieces with meat cleavers and quite possibly decapitated, the pain that he must have felt is a mental image that would make even the strongest of stomachs turn. This is of course something that the terrorist and their sympathisers are fully aware of and which they seek to exploit to the fullest, and the really bone chilling aspect of it all is that their deranged actions can be justified with reference to Koranic verses and various hadiths, a fact that the political correct MSM and the liberal elites seem unwilling to acknowledge.

But it’s not just terrorist attacks that have helped to instil fear and terror in the hearts of the indigenous populations of Europe. There have also been numerous of intimidations campaigns in the last few decades in which Muslims have attempted to silence those who don’t show enough deference to this deranged political vestige from the Stone Ages. This has been achieved by either threatening to use violence or in more severe cases threaten to kill critics of Islam, and there have been no shortage of Muslims who have been willing to carry out these threats, which have made them highly successful. Most people think twice before they speak out publicly if a couple of wrong words could land you in a world of trouble. This was proven once and for all when Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh was killed in Amsterdam in 2004 by a devout Dutch/Moroccan Muslim for supposedly having insulted the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world. The latest London attack is in many ways reminiscent of this incident. The difference being that Theo Van Gogh was targeted specifically for his part in producing the Islam critical movie ‘Submission’. Theo Van Gogh also knew that he was making himself a target when he decided to start working on this film and he had the opportunity to take the appropriate precautions. Yesterday’s victim however had no reason to expect that he would be targeted and killed by violent Muslims. He was not chosen because he had made insults against Islam; he was simply chosen for being a soldier in the British army.

The fact that Muslims in Europe are now willing to attempt to decapitate randomly selected members of the public  and videotape the atrocity  in order to instil terror into the minds of the rest of population is a dramatic shift in a new direction. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as this is a tactic that they have employed frequently outside Europe, in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq just to mention a few examples. I actually mentioned this possibility in an online exchange with an acquaintance a few months ago. I suggested that there would probably come a time in the not so distant future when jihadis’ would kidnap randomly selected people in Europe, decapitate them and publish videos clips of the events online for propaganda purposes as they have done previously in other parts of the world. Individuals who are familiar with Islam and the mindset of its practitioners, and who are not mentally paralysed by political correctness, know that this is an inevitable natural progression of things.

From an Islamic terrorist perspective Woolwich style attacks make a lot of sense. It eliminates the need to acquire difficult to obtain items such as explosives and firearms, it doesn’t require a lot of planning and time consuming preparations and it is almost impossible for the authorities to stop it, just like it is next to impossible for the authorities to stop ordinary murders. The added bonus is that it generates more fear than a major terrorist attack which requires a lot of luck to pull off for the terrorist and a lot of bad luck for the victims to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyone however could be randomly targeted in a Woolwich style attack and the terrorists don’t need a lot of luck to carry them out. Another worrying factor which should make the authorities shiver in their pants is the fact that more and more devout young male Muslims return home from stints in war torn countries with combat experience to match and with no qualms about attacking innocent civilians. Odds are that many of these returning jihadis’ have participated in acts that are just as horrific and despicable, or even worse than the latest London attack. There are hundreds of online video clips of Jihadis’ carrying out the most gruesome atrocities in Syria and elsewhere. It’s naive to believe that these returning warriors haven’t participated in episodes of such nature.

Another worrying aspect is that the authorities in Europe are completely unprepared for this kind of warfare. One question that automatically pops up when pondering this issue is whether the authorities are willing to introduce new tough measures to combat this menace, or if they are simply going to continue to let political considerations take priority over practical manners to effectively deal with this very serious threat. If this latest terrorist attack should become a trend among the more devout Muslims in Europe it will be very hard for the authorities to stop them, and particularly if the authorities refuse to look at the problem in an honest manner. The latest riots in Sweden has shown the world once and for all that the authorities have no control over the mess that they themselves have created and that the problems can’t simply be resolved by means of political correct strategies. The million dollar question is, if this becomes the new reality, how long are the people of Europe willing to accept that they run the risk of being slaughtered by Muslim fanatics every time they venture outside the front door? Fear has always been the terrorists’ strongest weapon and a handful of horrific killings every now and then are more than sufficient to instil an ample amount of fear in the populations.

Unfortunately the silent majority still don’t seem to realize the gravity of the current political predicament that we’re in. They are unable to see that their relative peaceful and calm societies could swiftly be plunged into chaos and anarchy if things are allowed to continue. Many are also incapable of grasping that the authorities in most western nations have already lost control of their societies. They should realize that if things really start to go downhill in Europe and the politicians refuse to take the necessary steps to deal with it members from the various military branches could quite possibly decide to take control and proceed to deal with the problems as they see fit. It’s not unrealistic to expect that military coups could take place within the next decade or so, not necessarily in every country, but at least in some. That’s how it has been in the past in times of turmoil and instability and that’s probably also what it’s going to be like in the future. I sincerely hope that this isn’t the path we’re doomed to take, but with the way things are going at the moment it seem like the most likely scenario.

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