Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update on removed translated article

Norway Keeps a Lid on the Truth

Last night we published a translation by The Observer of an article from about the violence and intimidation experienced every day by young native Norwegians in the culturally enriched Groruddalen district in Oslo.

Between then and now — in less than twenty-four hours — was pressured by the original publisher to take the article down.

Fjordman sends this brief account of what happened today in Norway.

Norway Keeps a Lid on the Truth

by Fjordman says that they were ordered by Finansavisen to remove the text of the Groruddalen story (in English here), despite having originally received a permission to post it. They published a follow-up entry, stating that they had received an enormous popular response to the previous article that was nearly unheard of by the standards of tiny Norway.

It spread like wildfire via alternative media on the Internet, including Twitter and many thousands of references on Facebook.

Norway faces national parliamentary elections this fall, and the left-wing coalition government is now trailing in the polls. Most of the political elites and the mass media do not want to talk about the problems mentioned in the article, especially not in an election year. People might get the wrong — or rather the right — ideas.

Human Rights Service, which republished this article online from the paper edition of business newspaper Finansavisen, is an excellent organization. However, they are vulnerable to political pressure because they receive public funding. Attempts have been made by left-wingers to slash their funding, but the right-wing Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) has lobbied to protect the state support for them.
I believe they did lose some of their funding by the left-wing government after Breivik, since they were branded “Islamophobes” who had spread “hatred,” but I’ve heard that some of this was later restored. I’m not familiar with all the details.

Of course, the many Muslim and left-wing “anti-racist” organizations hardly ever have their state funding questioned. Only the very rare organizations that criticize Multiculturalism, such as HRS, ever experience these kinds of threats.

The problems the article described — the harassment and violence directed at the natives in their own capital city — are very real, and rarely talked about as explicitly as in the Finansavisen piece. Many influential people want to keep a lid on any open and honest discussion of these problems, which are caused by the immigration policies promoted by the establishment mass media and the ruling political elites.


  1. It is sad to see how Europe is becoming a third world area. Wondering where will migrants move when Europe will be the same as their own countries. If the west wont wake up soon,we will be decimated.
    I predict civil cultural war in Europe.

  2. The Europeans must wake up. And I don't think it wise to put a Hitler in office, but allowing your slow genocide to occur is just as stupid and destructive. Third worlders WILL NOT maintain Norway's very high standards..... they will only pollute the race and spread crime and violence. No matter how much the leftwing idiots tell you that you're racist, and that everyone is the same, and that these non-whites will contribute to your world..... the truth will eventually hit you like a tsunami..... and it will be horrible.