Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No rational arguments please, we’re Swedish

Also published at Gates of Vienna
Someone recently wrote on Twitter that Sweden is a failed state. It is a harsh accusation, but sadly the person who posted the tweet has a point. It’s a statement that will be acknowledged with approving nods by those who have followed the situation in Sweden for a while, because it’s something that they’ve been able to see with their own eyes. Deep cracks have begun to form in the Scandinavian country’s glossy veneer and its shiny surface has taken on a smut-stained colour, and is turning into something ugly and revolting. The familiar characteristics of a failed state are there to see for anyone who are willing to look at it with honest eyes. Admittedly, it does not fall into the category “Third-world hellhole à la Somalia and Afghanistan”, but it is moving rapidly into the category “Full speed ahead to Dungtown”.

It is sad, but also perversely fascinating, to observe a country such as Sweden that has tremendous problems with integrating its predominantly unassimilable immigrant population — one that has seen massive riots in its towns and cities in recent years, choreographed by belligerent immigrant youth who will soon make up the majority population, that whose police officers, ambulance personnel and firefighters are routinely physically attacked — decide that the way forward lies in importing even more unassimilable immigrants who will further exacerbate the country’s already insurmountable problems.

The official projections regarding the arrival of “refugees” in the coming years run in the hundreds of thousands, which is absolutely jaw-dropping considering that the population of Sweden is just shy of ten million. But no one in the politically correct Swedish establishment seems to think that this is an undesirable scenario, one that they might actually have to take some serious steps to avert. So far the only ideas that have been presented are to raise taxes to pay for the invasion, to take out loans from the EIB (European Investment Bank), and to raise the possibility of confiscating ordinary Swedes’ private real estate in order to house all the newly arrived “refugees” should the situation prove to be “untenable” in the coming years — something which it most definitely will.

The horror stories coming out of Sweden these days involving newly arrived “refugees” who demonstrate their complete inability to function in a modern Western society run into the hundreds, if not thousands. But it does not shake the resolve of official Sweden in its efforts to import as many “refugees” as humanly possible.

So when Mohammad from Syria, who only arrived in Sweden as a “refugee” in September 2015, manages to sexually harass 21 women ranging from 4 to 69 years old, it is a non-issue. The fact that he has been walking around on the streets of Sweden aggressively propositioning teenage girls, trying to kiss a 4 year old and pestering a 69-year-old woman with the intention of placating his raging hormones is suppressed and simply hushed up. The show must go on, and nothing can be allowed to stop it.

And this is the new reality that the political classes in Sweden are working like well-trained ants to foist on its citizenry, who are made to think being replaced demographically is more preferable than being labelled a vile racist and Islamophobe. And this is the reality that emerges when one opens up the nation’s floodgates to “refugees” from the Islamic and third world. TV crews all over Europe have documented numerous local “clashes of civilization” wherever the migrants have decided to grace the indigenous population with their presence. Thus it should come as no surprise that the “asylum seekers” keep up their behavioural pattern when they reach their final destination, which in this case is Sweden.

One is tempted to say “Welcome to reality, Mr Jönsson and Mrs Persson! This is the first day of the rest of your lives, and no it’s not going to be anything like the fairy-tale story that has been promised you by the blue eyed university graduated spin-doctors who despise nothing more than their own cultural heritage.”

Because the “refugees “will not shower you with unrestrained gratitude for letting them into your country, but rather complain about what they are being offered and in many cases resort to violence to show their displeasure.

Which is exactly what happened on a train between Malmö and Stockholm recently, according to an anonymous source working for the Swedish National Railway (SJ).

Refugees on the train decided to wage jihad in the restaurant carriage and strike terror in the hearts of the train personnel, to the extent that the latter had to flee and lock themselves inside a service cabin, as they feared for their own safety. It is highly unlikely that any “welcome refugees” signs and other effeminate gestures would have done anything to de-escalate the situation. According to the same source, SJ ordered its staff not to talk about the incident and desperately tried to put a lid on it, and now claims that it never occurred.

But other incidents on board other SJ trains that have been reported in the MSM make SJ’s denials rather pathetic and desperate.

The refusal by official Sweden to face reality when it comes to Multiculturalism and Islam is flabbergasting. The response is a little bit creepy, considering that individuals who show a similar strong reluctance to deal with reality in other areas of life are often referred to mental health practitioners and are frequently prescribed heavy medication in an effort to alleviate their delusional symptoms. In some extreme cases hospitalization and prolonged stays in closed psychiatric wards are even required. There are several names for the symptoms: cognitive dissonance, psychosis, insanity, or delusion. But in Sweden it is simply the new norm, and is rewarded with a pat on the back. It comes with the privilege of portraying oneself as a “decent human being”. Politically correct Sweden is like a nation of closet gays angrily accusing everyone else of being closet gays.

If Sweden were a person and had to undergo a psychological evaluation, a psychiatrist would probably insist, after a full and thorough examination, that an extensive treatment plan must be worked out in order to cure the patient. The psychiatrist might attribute the highly peculiar behaviour of not wanting to face the consequences of one’s actions to an abnormal fear of losing face. Maybe he would even nod sympathetically when he was told that the tyranny of consensus is so strong in Sweden that trying to break free from its shackles is akin to admitting that one is a bed-wetter. In a society where everybody has to work assiduously to keep up appearances, it must be excruciatingly hard to take a step forward, raise one’s hand and admit that one is unable to abide by the strict standards imposed by society — in other words, acknowledging that one is incompetent and an utter failure in the eyes of society.

And maybe that’s how it is. Maybe the people who pull the strings in Sweden know where it’s all going, but realize that it’s too late to do anything to change the outcome. Perhaps the fear of being labelled incompetent is too hard to bear, and thus they decide to keep up with the charade. Losing face is something that people from all over the world go to great lengths to avoid, and it is probably an instinct that is hardwired into our DNA. Japan was known for its ritual suicide, hara-kiri, which people gladly accepted in days gone by to protect their honour and save face. Similarly in the Arab world, males will resort to killing their women and children if these have brought shame upon the family, in order to escape the humiliating fate of losing face. Likewise, in the Western world people routinely commit suicide if they have been severely humiliated and can’t deal with the possibility of having to lose face.

Thus it is not at all that unrealistic to suspect that some of the Swedes who have played key roles in creating the multicultural nightmare that is current day Sweden would rather continue to deconstruct their own country in order to avoid admitting that they were wrong. This would brand them as incompetents and compel them to go through the humiliating process of losing face.

Besides, what would happen to individuals like these if someone else took it upon themselves to sort out the mess that they created? What would happen when that specific task had been successfully completed? It would of course be reckoning day, and these individuals would then have to face the music. If that is a plausible scenario, then it’s preferable, from the standpoint of those individuals, to ensure that such a day is never allowed to arrive.

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