Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Swedish media and the “New Swedes”

Also published at Gates of Vienna

The humanistic Übermenschen (journalists and politicians) who are working tirelessly on transforming Sweden into Western Europe’s first failed state must have been in a state of absolute panic when the first reports about the deranged Trollhättan school killer started trickling into the politically correct Swedish newsrooms recently. No doubt they hoped with all their hearts that the sword wielding maniac who had donned the intergalactic version of the Burqa, a sinister looking black Darth Vader outfit, before going on a mad killing spree at a local school wasn’t a “new Swede”, and in particular not one who was in any way shape or form affiliated with a certain “religion that only wants to bring peace and harmony to the world”.

Maybe the Übermenschen of Sweden even went over possible angles and ways to describe the incident while it was still being played out. In their minds, that would at least lessen the significance of the perpetrator’s ethnicity, send out a crystal-clear message to any Swedes who might be tempted to make an issue out of the killer’s cultural background, and last but not least severely tone down or completely ignore the killer’s motivations should it turn out that he didn’t have Klingon as a native tongue, but rather spoke an archaic desert language and followed an earthly religion that condones stoning of women, killing of apostates and the severing of limbs, just to name a few juicy details.

Trollhättan is a small town situated on the western coast, not far away from Sweden’s second city Gothenburg, which has the dubious honour of having sent more fighters to ISIS that any other region of Sweden. Thus the Übermenschen who secretly feared that it could be the work of a “New Swede” were certainly not unjustified in suspecting that it could have something to do with ISIS and that it was perhaps just a case of the “war being brought back home to Sweden”. After all, it was only a couple of weeks ago that hard-core Muslims in Gothenburg showed their brazenness and demanded that Christian Assyrians in the city convert or die. The Arabic letter for Christian was even painted on the wall of a restaurant owned by an Assyrian Christian family, so one can understand the Übermenschen’s fears in that regard.

It must then have been very satisfying for them to learn that their suspicions had been completely unfounded and that the mental duress that they had had to go through was in vain. The sudden explosion of endorphins and other happy chemicals must have resulted in lots of mental “high-fives” and heartfelt sighs of relief when the identity of the killer was finally announced, and it turned out that he was a white ethnic Swede. And not only that, the killer was also an evil racist who had clicked on like buttons of video clips praising Adolf Hitler on YouTube just as assiduously as they themselves click on the delete button in the editor’s window of the readers’ comments section of their politically correct newspapers.

Nor could they believe their luck when it turned out that the killer was a big fan of the Sweden Democrats, which meant that their prayers had finally been heard and that they at last had been given what they had been waiting for for so long, namely Sweden’s own version of Anders Behring Breivik. This one-in-a-million type of event is the equivalent of being dealt a Royal Flush in poker — it’s a hand so potent that it is capable of silencing any rational and lucid argument that would otherwise have to be countered with an unconvincing and feeble accusation of xenophobia, Islamophobia or racism. Now all the Übermenschen of Sweden have to do is to utter the word Anton Lundin Petterson a few times and people will soon get the drift and think twice before they voice an alternative opinion.

This latest incident is worth as much to a Swedish multiculturalist as 100 dead kids at a school campus in the US are worth to hard-core anti-gun campaigners, or a couple of dead black criminals are to the “black lives matter” campaign. The method is the same, the hatred is the same and the dishonesty is the same. The only difference is the agenda, and in Sweden the agenda is to silence any criticism of the new multicultural Sweden.

This is of course something that the Übermenschen of Sweden realized immediately when they heard the Swedish-sounding name of the perpetrator for the first time, which must have been sweet music to their ears. It meant they could throw away the self-imposed ideological restraints that they normally rely upon to present a watered-down version of what passes for news in Sweden these days, and put a hard-hitting pro-multicultural spin on the story. It must have been a very welcome and an unexpected treat for them, considering that they live in a country where they have to work exceptionally hard to suppress the negative consequences of the policies that they themselves defend so vociferously.

To the multiculturalist there are only two types of crime being perpetrated in Sweden: (1) The crimes that affect the indigenous population, which are simply swept under the rug and where the perpetrators on occasions are given fake Swedish names to obscure their immigrant backgrounds; and (2) the type that affects the newcomers, and which must be presented with indignant fat bold headlines on the front pages of every single national newspaper. And that is why the MSM in Sweden had a collective ideological orgasm when they covered the Trollhättan case. It is the reason why they wrote extensively about the perpetrator’s political views, his ethnicity, his hatred of immigrants, his disdain of the established political parties, and his love of Hitler and the Sweden Democrats. It is why they warn of the perils of allowing the racists, Islamophobes and all the other haters of the hard right to be a part of civilized public discourse in Sweden. No stone was left unturned and no fact was deemed too insignificant for the MSM. Anything that was considered to be beneficial in combatting “xenophobia” was put on the table and considered fair game.

Compare that to another incident of senseless knife violence that took place in August when a failed asylum seeker went “Swede-hunting” at a local Ikea store and managed to kill a middle-aged mother and her son with a kitchen knife, nearly succeeding in decapitating the poor woman before he was finally subdued. In that case the media showed “great restraint” and did not brand it as a racist crime, despite the fact that the asylum seeker had hinted beforehand that he was looking for Swedes to unleash his anger upon. In fact, the media didn’t focus too much on the perpetrator’s political motives, other than pointing out that he was unhappy with his asylum application. They focused even less on his ethnicity and they certainly did not deem it necessary to encourage the immigrant community in Sweden to combat Swede-o-phobia, which is clearly widespread in certain circles. Nor did the media encourage the immigrant community to take a long hard look at itself and suggest that they should feel ashamed about how evil they are, despise their racist cultural “baggage” and embrace traditional Swedishness.

The two cases are almost identical, but the only one that ordinary Swedes are allowed to feel angry about is the one involving the white Swedish killer. It is sad, it is highly dishonest, and it really tells you all you need to know about the MSM in Sweden.

Lastly, it’s also worth pointing out the shocking double standards of the Swedish authorities when it comes to dealing with similar incidents perpetrated by Swedish citizens abroad. Given the two incidents mentioned above and the way the authorities dealt with them at the time, which is of course what you would expect of a First-World nation, it’s rather peculiar that they don’t crack down on returning ISIS fighters, many of whom have committed horrendous crimes that make the two aforementioned cases pale in comparison. The consequence of the current Swedish practice in this regard is that both perpetrators, the IKEA killer and the Trollhättan killer would have been able to return to Sweden without fear of being prosecuted had they carried out their atrocities in Syria or some other Islamic hellhole, and provided that they had taken the proper measures to disguise their true identities.

Known Swedish ISIS fighters can today freely return to Sweden from Syria without fear of being arrested and prosecuted for their crimes. A few of them have even returned to Sweden for free hospital treatment after being injured on the battlefield. But don’t worry; you’re not going to read any outraged articles about it penned by the people who vented their anger on Swedish society by pushing the Trollhättan killer in front of them. They are only interested in exposing “Swedish” racism, not in “stigmatizing” “peaceful” Muslims.

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