Thursday, December 8, 2011

Humanitarian aid is killing the third world.

Had it not been for the disastrous consequences and irreparable damage it has caused to the world it would be quite tempting to laugh at the righteous and hypocritical individuals who curse the west for not doing enough to eradicate poverty in the third world. What makes it even worst is that the majority of these do-gooders are only interested in helping the destitute of the third world in order to feel good about themselves and to show the world how morally superior they are in doing so. It would be tempting to laugh at them and their folly because they haven’t even realized that they are the ones who’re asphyxiating the third world and exacerbating the problems of the continent with their brainless and immoral actions.

The world is facing massive problems due to an out of control population growth which has accelerated wih lightening speed after the end of WW2 and which will cause enormous suffering and misery when the resources eventually runs out. The population growth is occurring in the third world and it is causing an astronomical growth in poverty levels. The only reason it’s happening is because of the actions of some individuals in the west who define themselves as idealists have allowed it to happen. These individuals have advocated and lobbied for massive foreign and humanitarian aid to the third world for decades now and they have managed to con the world into believing that it’s the moral thing to do, and they have convinced the west that their actions will eventually cause an end to the suffering, which of course is so far from the truth at it is humanly possible to get because in reality it is only exacerbating the problems and causing unnecessary suffering and misery.

What these self-righteous do-gooders are doing is morally wrong. Their actions are the biggest factor in driving poverty levels up in the third world. Their humanitarian aid is killing the continent and ensuring that the nations affected will never be able to become self sufficient and move forward in the right direction. These misguided do-gooders may save a million lives in the short term when they feed famine stricken regions, but in the long term their actions are only producing more desperate and starving people whose only prospects are looking forward to the next famine to hit. And in the interval they’ll have numerous children who they will be incapable of looking after and who the vultures from the big TV News Channels and NGO’s can take advantage of in order to drive up western guilt sufficiently in order to avert another humanitarian man made catastrophe in the third world. But at some stage there will simply be too many mouths to feed and millions will die.

And it’s not only an increase in population numbers that these do-gooders can take credit for, they’re also responsible for ruining the local business markets. Can anyone be expected to make a living selling bread if bread is distributed free of charge by a humanitarian agency next door? And who can make a living growing corn or keeping life stock if corn and beef are handed out by the same humanitarian agency? It would probably be bad for business in the western world if groceries and other necessities were handed out free of charge by African humanitarian agencies, so why do these western agencies get away with in the third world?

The third world will have to sort out its own problems. The west can’t do it for them. And if the west keeps insisting on giving foreign aid to the developing world, this aid should at least have strings attached. A minimum requirement would be to demand that these countries take control of their population growth and stop exporting their population surplus to the developed world. It is the miserable living conditions in the third world, caused by this population explosion, which is the driving force behind the mass immigration from the third world to the countries of the developed world, which again is causing a severe deterioration in our living standards. And it is funny to observe the same do-gooders which caused this dire situation in the first place criticise the west for implementing immigration policies that are too restrictive in an attempt to dissuade people in the third world from undertaking the perilous journey to the promised continent.

But of course this fact is completely lost on them.

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