Thursday, December 8, 2011

Justice in Norway?

Do we have true justice in today’s society, or has the means to provide justice been hijacked by exclusive elites who are more concerned about their own political and personal ambitions than looking after the interests of the people they are supposed to represent?

In Norway today politicians introduce new laws in order to push through unpopular political change and then blame it on the laws they themselves worked tirelessly to introduce when the public turn on them venting their frustration about the political direction the country is taking.

Why is it so?

It’s so because most politicians realize that it’s easy to change the political direction of a country provided the desire for a change is there, it is however a different scenario to scrap newly introduced laws and implement new ones that goes against these. When these new laws also bring about a political change that is ideological similar to the political views of the politicians that introduced them their political views become the law of the land. The most honest thing would be to refer to them as politicized laws.

The Norwegian trend is to invite various intergovernmental organizations to dictate Norwegian law. The majority of the new laws introduced in Norway today, are on the bequest of the UN, EU and other non-governmental non-Norwegian organizations. And unfortunately Norwegian politicians are more than happy to oblige because ideologically they share their views.

Again it’s a case of ensuring that their policies are upheld by the law even when they go against the will of the people, something which the Norwegian constitution was intended to protect us against. In Norway it seems that justice has simply become too important to be handled by anyone but a selected few belonging to the inner circles of the ruling elites, and they’ll do anything in their power to ensure that it stays like that. In Norway justice is simply not for ordinary people anymore.
People that are more democratically inclined might ask themselves why it is that ordinary people, for a lack of a better word, aren’t given a say in how the laws of the nation are shaped or at least consulted before new ones are introduced. We supposedly live in a democracy where political elections determine the political future and the people have their say at the polling booth, so why is it so different when it comes to the judicial system?

Both the Norwegian and American constitutions were written by the people and for the people, so why is it so out of bounds for the people these days? Can justice really be democratic if it is dictated by a tiny minority? Shouldn’t justice reflect the sentiments of the majority? The sad truth is that people in Norway had more influence over their own lives during the Viking Age when all free citizens were involved in forming the laws of their local communities. They had a much greater influence in defining justice than people in Norway have today, where they have no influence at all. In the Viking age ordinary people had the right to rid themselves of local kings and chiefs that overstepped their authority. That option is not available anymore and it’s a real shame because democracy and justice in Norway today is nothing but a charade.

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