Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is western civilization under threat?

What is the biggest threat to western civilization today? What are the biggest factors that could destabilize our societies and destroy our freedoms and way of life? I would suggest that the answer to that question are the unrestricted flow of immigrants/asylum seekers from the third world and the gradually more dominant position that radical Islam has managed to obtain in the west. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for religious freedom and I’m not claiming that every single immigrant/asylum seeker from the third world is destined to always be a welfare recipient and a drain on our resources, nor am I claiming that every single Muslim is prone to use violence against those who insult Islam. But no matter how many mitigating points people come up with when debating the issue, it’s still an undeniable fact that these two factors are slowly and steadily undermining the footings of our societies.

The unrestricted and unlimited flow of individuals from the third world into the first world is putting an enormous strain on our financial budgets and social institutions, as the newcomers unfortunately do rely more heavily upon the state to provide for them compared to the indigenous populations. And the worrying aspect is that current trends suggest that the number of third world immigrants are rising steadily compared to the indigenous population who’s numbers are dwindling due to low birth rates. As this disparity in numbers between the net contributors vs. net receivers’ increases in the receivers favour, the more difficult it’s going to be to maintain a system that looks after those who are unable or those who simply don’t wish to contribute to society. Eventually we’ll arrive at a point where it’s no longer feasible to maintain it. There simply won’t be enough resources to look after everybody and what’s going to happen then is anybody’s guess.

Islam constitutes an equally ominous threat to western civilization, not because it’s a foreign and unfamiliar religion, but because it is actively being used to intimidate those who speak out against it. In my opinion, any ideology which uses violence or the implicit threat of violence towards its opponents deserves to be labelled as undemocratic and should be treated as such. Followers of Islam have also unfortunately on several occasions used this tactic in the west and this has paved the way for a climate of fear, and reluctance among non Muslims to publicly criticize Islam.

It doesn’t really matter whether the dominant Muslim organizations in the west or its leaders portray themselves as peaceful religious practitioners, as long as a considerable portion of its followers and sympathizers are likely to intimidate and physically harass those who speak out against their religion. Any organization that do not attempt, or who are unwilling to speak out against the violent behaviour of its followers are in my opinion condoning their behaviour. In this context it would not be unfair to suggest that such organizations are simply using their followers to carry out their wishes, or their dirty work if you like, even though no instructions have been given.

In a lot of ways, Islam in the west today has many similarities with criminal MC clubs. The leadership will publicly distance itself from violence and renounce it, but its followers will punish and use violence against those who oppose them. They rule by fear and intimidation and that’s exactly how they would like things to remain. If we still want our societies to remain free and democratic in the future, the undemocratic ways of Islam in the west will have to be addressed. There’s simply no other way around it.

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